Auction Notice !

 Computer & Printer Auction
The Auction Centre @ Cambridge.

Includes 15 x 17" LCD Flat Panels, 20 x Compaq 17" monitors, assorted 19" & 21" monitors.

Ideal chance to pick up a cheap large monitor for your Friday night entertainment!!!

More Info:


4 responses to “Auction Notice !

  1. Tone’s attendance is pretty much definite! I’m after a 17" LCD for Tash’s PC upstairs, & hopefully a lovely BIG 21" CRT for my station! Parts is keen too. Let me know if yr interested in forming a bidding posse.


  2. Yes, Parts is keen but got a very frosty reception from the CO so looks to be confined to the brig on Wednesday!
    I can still spot you a $50 if you reckon you could pick me up a 17" crt. It matters not though, big monitors are reasonably common in the flea market, though you’d figure prices would be even better at an auction.
    Will all this stuff fit in the car, they don’t call them Mini for nothing!


  3. Auction FEEDBACK …Fred & Tone attended with plenty of dumb mum & dad buyers  to push up the prices.Some of the PC systems were fetching rediculous amounts for the specs. 17" LCD’s were selling for a whopping $230 + 12.5% buyers premium = $255 !!!!!!!!!!!!!Way too much, considering a new 19" is only $265 !!!Harvey Norman even have 17" for $238 – it was crazy.There were a few "big ticket item" bargains to be had if you were cashed up,but most things were only just reasonable, or overpriced.Coulple of 1.8Ghz laptops went for around $450,Some High end ex lease HP duplex network laser printers went from $300 – $450.The Xeon dual processor server sold for $470 last night – someone got a bargain there!!!An old P3 500 system, with a black 21" IBM Flat screen CRT trinitron went for  $200 – monitor looked sweet!
    Tone only bought one thing – and that was a mistake "I thought I was bidding on a 17" monitor, but it was only a 15"!Still, only cost $10." [Tone shuffles and kicks the ground].Fred showed restraint, only picking up 2x 17" monitors & some Logitec optical mice I think.A "fun" evening none the less, finished off with an enjoyable couple of beers at the Queens head to "de-brief" over.


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