PRESENT: Fred, Wood, Tone

As it happened …

Motopart Oscherlseben B F T W 1:02.17 fast last lap!

Motopart Oscherlseben B F W1:06.86 T
Norising City Race F W 56.95 T
Zandvoort Club Circuit W T F 1:02.72
Nurburgring short F 1:32.89 W T
Mondello Int Circuit F 1:40.19 W T
Brands Hatch Prix T 1:25.70 F W
Snetternton F 1:11.12 T W
Oran Park South Circuit W F 39.76 T
Surfers Paradise F 1:52.23 T W
F 280 W 180 T

Brands Hatch Dirt W 44.69 F T
National Dirt Roceway Stage 5 F 1:24.15 T W

Int Rallycross Short F 52.59 W T

Int Rallycoss F W T – "The Cutter"
National Dirt 3 T W F
Int Rallycross Long F 2:00.80 W T

RESULT: F 435 W 415 T 410 down to last race

Not many players, not many races, but alot o talking & a lot o fun!


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