Present: Parts, Fred, Canon, Tone.
Early kick of with racing begining at 1915 with an Unofficial unlogged practice session.

Symonds 4 race fest – 3 laps

F T 43.68 C P
C F 43.16 T P
T 42.94 F C P
F 43.10 X blocked tone T P C

DTM – 3 laps
Hockenhiem F 1.16 P T C
Eurospeedway Lausitz T F 1:05.55 C P
Spa F 1:54.13 P C T
Brno T F 1:26.94 P C Nice fast long sweeping track
OscherslebenF 1:05.62 P C T
Norisring City Race F T C P 41.33
Nurburg F 1:08.99 T P C
Circuit park Zandvoort P 1:16.22 F T C
Lausitz F 1:06.17 T P C
Istanbul GP P 1:31.37 T F C
Hockenheim Int F 1:16.53 P T C
Hockenheim GP P T 1:16.39 F C
Hockenheim GP F 1:14.93 P T C

A bit ‘O BATTLEFIELD 2 – Online

CALL ‘O DUTY 2 – Caretarn

More Racedriver3 V8 Supercars International
Spa F P 2:00.79 T
Nurburgring Short F 1:11.74 P T
Hockenheim GP F 1:20.06 P T
Circuit Park Zandvoort F 1:19.49 P T
Laguna Seca F 1:09.12 T P

Olssherleben P T F 1:03.38
Norisring City Race F P 57.42 T
Zandvoor Club Circuit T F 1:03.97 P
Snetterton F 1:10.97 T – oh crap! P – oh crap!
Surfers Paradise F 1:53.59 T P -X rammed tone into wall

National Dirt 4 T 54.08 P F
Brands Hatch Rallycross T F 43.93 P
InternationalRallycross Long P 1:58.05 F T
Int Rally Mediun F 1:09.21 T P
Int Rall Shrt F 52.45 P T
Nat Dirt 5 F 1:25.14 T P


Mission ends at a respectaple 0100 hrs.


One response to “060818 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. An excellent evenings entertainment Tone. Pity we were down on numbers. I’m going to have to get my roster back in line with Raw. I’m also going to have to go to Pizza Hut to get a copy of BF2 so I can play online. I’m also going to have to set up a GameSpy account. I’m also going to have to give you more room at Surfers so you don’t smack the wall at the first chicane. (I don’t think I was at fault-you just stuffed up!) I also thought you were going to sleep after Canon left but you were only tricking. You were slumped in your seat with your head on your wheel but you still kicked arse on the track. Must have been that old "herbal" remedy you used!
    Even switching from the trusty Falcon to the "Common-dore" wasn’t enough to keep up with you and Fred early on. I might have to switch to the "girly-automatic" gearbox to try to keep up.
    Excellent fire-fight in CODII. Could have gone a few more rounds, but the maps are kinda big with only 4 players.
    Parts out.


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