Fred, Canon, Woodie, Tone

F 3:39.69  T 53.19  C
Adelaide      T 6:05.83  F 1:29.25  C
Eastern Creek    F 5:52.62  1:26.07  T  C x
Barbagallo    F 3:31.64  50.81  T x  C
Oran Park     F  T DNF – Woodie rang  C retired
Brands Hatch GP    F 5:30.83  1:20.96  T  C
Bahrain GP      F 8:34.86  2:04.32  T  C retired
Baharain GP      T 8:34.68  F 2:03.25
Total:  F 92  T 84

CLIO CUP – 4 laps (Canon)
Donnington National    
C 4:21.23  F  T 1:00.79 I was RoBbeD!!
Eastern Creek Short     C 3:54.31  56:81  T  F
Sandown Inter     T 4:24.14  1:04.26  F  C
Silverstone National     T 3:23.48  49.28  F  C
Brands Hatch Short     F 2:42.15  T 38.25  C
Hockenheim Short     F 3:50.45  55.17  T  C
Barbagallo     F 3:16.45  48.09  T  W
Total:  F 150  T 146  C 134  W 18

4X4 OFF ROAD TOUR – PaJero – 3 laps
Int Rallycross Med     
F 3:30.34  1:08.37  W  T
Brands Hatch Rallycrss     F 2:08.79 41.67  W  T
International Rallycross Short     F 2:40.33  W 51.53  T
National Dirt 4     F 2:41.96  T 52.90  W
National Dirt 5     F 4:10.03  1:22.03  W  T
?     F  W  T
Nat Dirt Raceway 5    F 4:06.66  1:20.76  W  T
Total:  F 525  W 485  T 460

Brief intermission while Fred pulled apart Canons Pedals.

Nashville speedway    
F 1:44.46  T  W 35.69
Nashville speedway     F 1:49.44  33.20  W  T  C
Silverstone     F 2:44. 33  53.70  W  T x  C x
Sandown     F 3:30.49  1:08.58  W  T  C x
Eastern Creek long     W 4:28.48  T  F 1:24.08  C
Woodie: "It felt like winning the Ameriaca’s Cup!"
Barbagallo     T 2:50.27  F 53.47  W  C
Oran South Circuit     T 2:02.01  F 38.85  C  W x
Total:   F 155  T 140  W 125

C 5:16.57  F 1:41.55  T  W
Spa Francorchanps GP     C 5:48.39  1:52.74  F  T  W
Shanghai GP     C 5:20.94  W  F 1:44.01  T
Bathrurst     F 5:09.70  1:38.46  W  T  C
Result:  C  F  T  W

Mission Ends 0100 Hrs 


2 responses to “060804 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Hi! guys a great nights raceing whith you lot keeping the presure on all night, someone always in the mirror, wood is most improved keeping it together most of the night , tone was not his usual self lacking consentration (could have been knobbled?)
    not quite with it, away with the goblins?.
    Cannon has improved but lacks ability to keep it straight ( in a straight line) on the straights loosing speed and braking late on corners (could be the cars  are too slow?  he suprised us all by showing us the way in the GT Tuning cup driving a porsh easly winning 4 of the 5 races well done cannon.
    Cleo Cup cannon was in touch all the way finishing
    3 rd  well done.
    Tone I like new blog format talley at end of round spot on makes it a lot easyer to folow.
    raceing is getting close which is good setup’s off,
    collision off, damage off, corner cutting off, gravel
    set low or off.
    dangerous driving? penaleies?
    Champion ships running 2 classes sugest we all
    chose the same class this will make racing closer
    and more exciting.
    Just remember when you are last there is only one place to go! forward, to the front someone has to lose could be  me, you, or him dosen’t matter it’s only a great game. thanks guy’s keep it clean
    and good luck remember every dog has it’s day.
    said too mutch?
    your old mate F.R.E.D 


  2. Well written Fred, a fine summary of the evening – thanks for the input.I had entered double spacing between names etc whilst typing results into word, but when cutting text into blog, the extra spaces were lost. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said. I wonder if Woodie will? … lol [tone shakes his head] lol.


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