Edge is GO this Friday from 1930 hrs.

All Agents welcome.

RawT is rostered on this week, so we should have a few there.

This post is a BETA TEST notification of an upcomming EDGE event

as an alternative to emailing all agents every week.
Scroll down to next post for LAST WEEKS RESULTS.

You will notice some changes to this Blog.
The look – changed due to an upgrage by Microsoft of all "Live Spaces".
    The text for new posts is also bigger, now the "old fella" is online!
    You can also see a 4 day weather forecast for Hobart – when it works.
The focus – now solely about EDGE events and it’s agents, not Tone.
     It’s as much your blog as mine, comments related to any aspect of EDGE operations by agents most welcome.

Tone has set up a NEW "OFF THE EDGE" Blog http://edgetas.blogspot.com/
This will be for other topics not related to Edge gaming evenings.
Things like gadgets, tips, software, bargains, new finds … anything really. Hopefully I’ll update it at least once a week, or more. 
Give you more drivel from me to read, you never know what you’ll find. Once again, feel free to add comments there.
A convenient link to the new blog has been added in the AGENTS BLOGS panel to the left.

Let me know your thoughts. Cheers


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