060630 Mission ABORTED

  Germ warfare ravaged the host’s body rather quickly on Thursday evening confining him to the MASH tent for most of Friday, (recovery still continues this Monday), Friday’s planned evening of mirth was  CANCELLED  to the dissapointment of the few agents who had pledged their attendance.

All agents should prepare for a big event next Friday, as Parts has indicated his attendance in advance, and RawT is rostered on.

Of interest: an email was sent out notifying agents of a "patch 1.1" for V8 Supercars 3 available from Codmasters website. I intstalled and briefly tested it on Friday morning on 3 tracks, only completing a few laps before I sensibly went back to bed. Of particular note was the much improved corner cutting rules, which now only seem to ping you if you actually gain an advantage, not if you run wide on the exit as before.

 Anywayz, as much as I’d love to sneak downstairs and play, I’ll drag my sad & sorry arsse back to quarantine, in the hope I can recover before the next mission.

Edge out. 


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