KO 1900 hrs – Present: Fred, Parts, Wood, Canon, Tone

Once again, in the interests of close competitive racing, the mighty V8’s were left in the garage along with car set-ups and damage, which really gave everyone an even chance to get out in front, or catch up if an incident occured, of which there were plenty with collision remaining on. There were some EXTREMELY close races, often with everyone’s fastest lap times within the same 10th of a second, proving that this setup really levels the playing field, with each race outcome dependent on consistent driver skill & the odd lucky break after a bingle.

Japanese Works Cup NSX – 3 laps
Oshelserben B  F T P
Hockenheim F T P
Eastern Creek F 1:26.17 P T
Barbagallo F T P
Oran Park South 2:02.01 P 38.79 F
Phillip Island T 4:36.76 P 1:29.73 F
Silverstone P 4:11.53 1:20.29 F T
Surfers Paradise P 5:38.09 F 1:50. T x 5 sec
Adelaide T 4:33.41 1:28.67 P F

1960 GT Covrette L88 Sunray
Tri Oval F 1:33.71 29.01T +0.01 P
Silverstone T 5:14.24 F 1:40.78 P
Oulton Park International F 4:27.30 1:26.95 W P T x
Laguna Seca GP P 4:05.01 1:16.39 T W F
Castle Combe T 3:06.74 58.59 F P W C
Bathurst T 6:00.00 P 1:57.25 C W F x
Nashville Road Course P 2:56.37 56.49 W Fx Tx Cx

Global GT Lights
Donington National F 3:10.09 T P W C
Doningotn F 3:05.34 1:08.85 T W C P
Motopark Oschersleben B P 2:45.97 53.53 W F T C
Oran Park North T 1:14.26 F 23.34 C W P
Eastern Creek Short P 2:56.43 F W C 56.66 T
Brands Hatch Short F C P W T
Castle Combe F 3:04.69 T 59.46 W P 59.46 C
Gateway Int W 2:38.95 51.32 F T P C
Sandown Int F 3:15.75 T 1:03.70 W P C
Oulton Park P 2:41.92 W T 52.82 F C
Silverstone National Circuit F 2:33.52 T 49.12 W C P
Barbagallo Short W 2:98.12 P 40.17 F C
F 281 W 253 T 242 P 240

Baja KitCar Cup VW
Mat Dirt T 1:56.67 P 37.43 F W
Nat Dirt Raceway 4 T 2:56.22 57.24 F P W
Internat Rallycross short F 2:44.90 W 52.28 P T
Int Long F 5:57.64 P T W 1:54.77
Int Short F 3:34.00 1:08.95 T P W
Brands Hatch Rallycross W 2:12.23 42.26 F P T
F 268 T 250 W 234

2300 hrs
w p t c f
caratean w t c p f
omaha beach t p w c f

Mission Ends 0100 hrs

I haven’t tallyed the results. Fred seems to have claimed the trophies again, leaving them sitting over his station. Perhaps someone would like verify the overall results and post a comment so the trophies can be move to thier rightful location if needs be.

Cheers, and thanks for a fantastic evening!


Previous week 060721: Fred & Tone

V8 Supercars
Series up to Bargallo F 576 T 558

V8 Full series
F 2487 T 2430


PRESENT: Fred RawT Tone Wood

Global GT Lights – 4 laps no setups, coll on, dam off,
Donington T 4:09.11 1:00.95 F R W
Motopark Oschersleben B   F 3:43.92 R 53.85 T W
Oran Park W F T R
Eastern Creek T 3:54.09 55.01 W R F (protest by Fred – Wood)
Brands Hatch T 2:04.05 R F 38.70 W (protest by Fred – Wood)
Castle Combe F 4:24.63 58.79 R T C W
Sandown T 4:19.49 1:03.47 F R W
Oulton Park Fosters F 3:31.79 51.86 R T W
Silverstone F #:23.85 W R T 49.61
Barbagallo F 2:44.50 R W T 39.58

Baja Buggy Series – 4 laps
T 3:43.79 56.16 W FR
Brands Hatch F 3:01.93 W 43.35 R T
Int Rally Long T 8:07.25 F 1:26.23 R W
Int Rally Med W 4:49.72 F 1:09.63 T R
Int Rally Short F 3:36.80 52.39 R W T
Nat Dirt Raceway stage 5 F 5.49.24 1:25.38 T W R
Final Points: F 64 T 54 W 54 R 44

HONDA TYPE R – 3 laps
Philip Island W 5:26.61 F R 1:42.39 T
Lugana Seca F 4:58.85 W !:35.45 T R
Brands Hatch Shor F 2:34.51 T 48.17 R W
Mondello R 5:33.91 W F 1:47.99 T
Oran Park F 3:39.11 1:09.71 T W R
Silverstone W 3:26.11 F 1:92.65 R T
Snetterton F 4:03.24 1:15.54 W R T

RA Rally Cross – 3 laps
International Rally F 4:10.62 W 1:20.43 T R
Brands Hatch F 2:39.14 30.49 W R T
Int Rally Long F 7:05.31 W 2:19 75 R T

USA MUSCLE CARS Street Circuit – 6 laps
Surfers Paradise F 1:45.89 W T R
Adelaide Street Circuit F 9:24.74 W T 1:30.55

Mission Ends 0100

060630 Mission ABORTED

  Germ warfare ravaged the host’s body rather quickly on Thursday evening confining him to the MASH tent for most of Friday, (recovery still continues this Monday), Friday’s planned evening of mirth was  CANCELLED  to the dissapointment of the few agents who had pledged their attendance.

All agents should prepare for a big event next Friday, as Parts has indicated his attendance in advance, and RawT is rostered on.

Of interest: an email was sent out notifying agents of a "patch 1.1" for V8 Supercars 3 available from Codmasters website. I intstalled and briefly tested it on Friday morning on 3 tracks, only completing a few laps before I sensibly went back to bed. Of particular note was the much improved corner cutting rules, which now only seem to ping you if you actually gain an advantage, not if you run wide on the exit as before.

 Anywayz, as much as I’d love to sneak downstairs and play, I’ll drag my sad & sorry arsse back to quarantine, in the hope I can recover before the next mission.

Edge out.