Online game: Wood, Canon Fred Tone [Mick BenC online]

Bathurst T F C B M (Retired)
Phillip island T 3:43.43 1.12.21 F C B M (Retired)

Eastern Creek F 3:37.37 1:10.23 T C B (Taken out by Mick) M (Retired)

Bathurst F T C B M didn’t make it


Adelaide T 5:06.79 1:12.92 F C W
Barbagallo T 2:52.50 41.34 F W C

Eastern Creek T 4:44.40 1:08.79 F 1:08.70 C W (retired – altercation with Fred)
Hiden Valley F 3:31.56 T 50.75 W C
Oran Park F 3:29.16 50.63 T C W
Sandown F 3:55.73 56.79 T C W (Retired altercation with Fred)
Bathurst F 6:57.44 T 1:41.44 (Disqualified – wreckless driving)
Surfers Paradise T 6:03.79 1:26.77 F
Symmonds Plains F 3:02.55 T 43.59
Canon & Wood left after ongoing discussions with Fred over the Sandown incident. Because in my opinion, it is just a game and is meant to be fun, I will not be drawn in to comment.
Phillip Island T 4:57.55 1:12.06 F
RESULT: F 1809 T 1698

Bozo 1972 6:51.48 T 1:41.48 f M retired

T 6:58.29 1:43.49 F
f 6:58.21 1:43.34 T
F 6:57.08 T 1:41.67 M 1:43.70

F 6:57.69 1:42.38 T M 1:50.49 [retired]
F 6:58.03 T 1:42.91
We had a few ring-ins from overseas join our hosted game to mix things up and add some biffo, but check out those LAP TIMES!!!  Tone blistering with three 1:41’s on Bathurst over the evening but let down by inconsistency and comming of second best in a few altercations as every one did at sometime over the evening, as is the nature of the game.

Spa Francorchamp GP F 8:07.59 T 1:58.47
Brands Hatch GP F 4:30.68 1:06.18 T
Zandvoort F 5:34.57 1:19.99 T
Laguna seeca T 4:43.561:09.07 F
Spa F 8:00.40 Esterbaise 1:55.50 T 5th
Brands F 4:31.32 T 1:04.53

Lugana f 4:38.12 1:06.57 T

end 0200 hrs


6 responses to “060616 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Sounds like an interesting evening Tone.
    Seeing as Fred has alienated most of the other combatants on the track is he now extending his talents to world domination?
    I’ll be up on the 30th for my share!
    Got some nice times happening there matey. I’m still getting grief from my pedals. I’ll be sure to pull them apart and spray a generous coating of Secret Lubricating Fluid to enable me to try to keep out of the clutches of Dastardly Fred!
    Wood? Canon?  What’s the matter? Cat got your tongues? Meet me at the enclave on the 30th for an all out RogerFest. I’m sure the three of us can straighten him out if we pool all of our superpowers togther. We might just tip the balance in the favour of all that is good and just. . . . .or not.
    CU there men!
    Parts out.


  2. With all due respect – the lap times you get don’t count – and never will while you run the "ages 4 and under settings".
    I was disgusted to see grown men (ok that’s a loose use of the word men) playing with childish and embarrasing settings!
    I hold the fastest Lap on Bathurst – and probably on other tracks by default  – since I use grown up setings.
    Ahhhh, that’s better – someone needed to say it…


  3. Okay Mick,
    Post some times in the blog so we can see how fast you really are.
    Last time I saw you at the enclave I don’t seem to remember you finishing a complete lap of bathurst without damaging your car so badly it wouldn’t go any faster than 37kph!
    How many races did you have against Fred?
    How many races against Fred did you win?
    You got flogged by an Over 50 using 4 and under settings!
    Let’s have a look at the blog and check your times for last week shall we?
    Bathurst-retired, Eastern Creek-retired, Phillip Island-retired, Bathurst-no show.
    We tend not to use setups because some agents are better at setting up fast cars than others-it just levels the playing field and comes down to driver skill (and there’s not much of that) and track knowledge. . . . .and also whether or not you can keep out of Fred and Tone’s way!
    As I said, I’ll be there on the 30th. See you then. . . . or not.


  4. The setups should have suited you Mick with comments like that!Car setups were on, collision on, but damage was off to eliviate any lag descrepancies and give anyone who got a "tap" a chance to catch up again, as requested by Fred, as you took him out on the first corner last time we raced online (I saw it!). Thinking back re Parts comment about your damage, you should prefer that too, however I don’t mind either way. Corner cutting was off as usual, until a patch is released which doesn’t unfairly ping you for running wide and slower (no advatage there), but most times cutting corners results in slower times. I note you only completed ONE race!!! So what’s your excuse? When you host, as soon as you’re not comming first you pull the plug! Perhaps your refering to Sim driving. In ALL versions (1, 2 & 3) of this game, we have NEVER used Pro-sim driving. I’ve tried it, don’t mind it & you get used to the touchy throttle control & earlier required braking (abit like that crappy GTR game, but still better). The majority here would rather Sim mode and it’s more FUN!! That’s what it’s about isn’t it? If it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t want to play it. Might as well go to work!!


  5. Ok ok fair cop  – I just hate the used settings…I was being abusive sarcastic – I just remember the night before and the settings used keps things a little more realistic – thats all…
    No hard feelings ???-  or am I gonna cop more shite…Oh – and I don’t do a blog – who said I did?


  6. No hard feelings mate, I think Parts meant post your times on THIS blog for us to see. The only difference to the night before was damage, which was on. It was turned off for reasons explained previously. When someone copped a massive shunt into the first or second corner (whether deliberate or lag induced as happens), it’s RACE OVER for them. With it off they still are in the race with a chance, so very surprised you only managed to finish once. I don’t think this change would impact on laptimes dramatically, cause MOST times,  if you’re scrapping walls & cutting across grass, your losing speed! Sticking to the black stuff and maintain max traction is the best way to get best laptimes. I will admit my driving style is "less cautious" with damage off, as self preservation for the length of the race  doesn’t come into play, but I still try to avoid contact with others and scenery cause it does slow you down, it’s just not long term. The other alternative is to turn collision off instead, that way any damage caused is your own. Problem there is folks drive thru one another, and because the cars remain solid instead of "fading" like the ghost cars, you can’t see and again, come unstuck and get damage. It’s all about balancing realism with fun with fairness.We’ve also observed that when NOT comming first with the V8s, you get more feedback interference thru the wheel and the accellerator is more sensitive than when out in front, especially when you get close to someone. This doesn’t happen with slower cars like the AWESOME GT Lites. When racing them we also turn car setups off as the default is fairly good, so it comes down to driver skill as Parts mentioned, thus the racing is MUCH closer.Practice the Global GT Lites Mick, you’ll love ’em!


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