The attendance of Agents Parts, Fred, Canon, RawT, Woodie made for a great evenings entertainment with Tone at the EDGE.
After a 2 year absence, a shock non-playing guest appearance by Commander Mick of ICC & his dedicated sidekick & "right-hand man" Captain, part way thru the evening took all agents by surprise! Lets see if Commander can keep his commitment to attend next Friday’s event in full battle fatiques, or once again live up to his reputation of reliability.
The evening kicked off early on the track, starting with the high-powered and twitchy BMW Williams F1 Team Challenge. All agents applying the pressure on the leader and close competition made for congested and some contencious, hard-fought racing. Parts put on a brilliant show, finishing well in a close mid-field battle despite fighting the MOMO’s "pedal fatique" syndrome.

BMW Williams F1 Team Challenge
Surfers Paradise T 3:36.03 1:10.71 F P
Phillip Island F T P (T tapped by fred after tone had been a gentlman earlier by letting F infront after an altercation.

Barbagallo T 1:40.93 31.30 F P
Eastern Creek T 2:03.35 38.50 F P
T 2:23.93 45.21 P F (Blown tyre from self inflicted incident)

Hockenheimring F2:49.70 54.73 T C P 54.42
Brands Hatch Short C 1:57.46 F 36.21 T P
?? F 3:55.71 1:16.97 PTC
Behrain F3:08.43 59.34 W P C T (lap down)
Siverstone T 3:08.190 F W 59.83 P C

USA Muscle Car
Nashville Speedway F W T P R

Adelaide F 3:46.21 1:13.40 T W P R
Bathurst T 5:21.75 F 1:43.80 P R C
Barbagallo F 2:12.41 42.50 T P C R W
Eastern Creek T 3:37.18 1:09.61 F R P C W
Sandown T 3:47 F 56.79 C R P W
Oran Park T 2:40.556 51.24 F P R C W
Oran Park T 2:56.43 57.23 R F P C
Symonds Plains F 2:16.83 43.78C R P T
Phillip Island F 3:46.52 T 1:11.91 C P R
Surfers Paradise T 4:33.16 1:28.33 F P R C

RESULTS: T 1878 F 1878 P 1759 R 1746 C 1722

SHOOTOUT: Pukeko  Fred 2:25.16  Tone 😦

Eastern Creek short C T R W F P
Donington National T 3"07.94 C1:00.59 F R W P
Brands Hatch Short T 2:00.39 38.42 F W C R P
Sandown International T 3:15,39 F 1:03.54R W C P

Bathurst t c f Special guest appearance MiCk p retired

Long track 4 F R P T W

C 5:14.23 T 1:40.27 P R F W

After the carnage on the course, FINALLY, after much anticipation, 
Call of Duty 2 was launched for a different kind of battleground. Thru the hazy fog of war,  RawT dominated all rounds with his lightning reflexes and deadly accuracy, leaving a trail of limp corpses in his destructive wake. Fred was there as usual, snuggled in a cosy corner with sniper at the ready. It was thought he may have fallen asleep!

Mission ends: 0138 hrs.


2 responses to “060502 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. An excellent evenings entertainment Tone. The only low part of the evening was that my pizza wasn’t as spicy as I’d hoped! Back to the Volcano next time.
    I have noticed however, that there’s only ever one agent complaining about other drivers getting in the way or not being fast enough. I think reverse order grids are a smashing idea. Those who finish first, start last and smash their way through the field!
    No setups is also a good way of keeping the racing even. It’s pretty boring being last and trying to catch the field. I know this because I’ve improved my racing a little and have been finishing mid-field reasonably consistently but with the pedal failure I was experiencing on Friday, the v8 challenge was more of a struggle than anything else.
    Does anyone out there know of a fix for dodgy momo pedals other than the rubbish bin?


  2. Commander & Canon wish to attend via link this week…We have fast enough connections to suffice – and we have V8 SC3 ready…


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