060624 Mission Debriefing

Fred & Tone kicked off the serious end of the evening early for the Trophy tussle.

 V8 SUPERCARS CHALLENGE early start, 3 laps
Adelaide T F both 1:23.24
Pukekohe F 2:22.53 45.80 T
Barbagallo T 2:08.72 41.27 F
Eastern Creek T 3:36.37 1:09.13 F
Hidden Valley T 2:44.30 F 51.94
Queensland Raceway F 2:49.82 54.46 T
Oran Park T 2:40.13 51.04 F
Sandown T 2:54.84 F
Bathurst T 5:16.74 1:42.48 F
Surfers Paradise T 4:28.21 1:28.00 F
Symmons Plains F2:12.68 43.25 T
Phillip Island F 3:45.33 1:12.18 T
RESULT: Tone reclaimed the coveted Perpetual Trophy.

Go Kar Route 1 T 2:03.17 39.54 F R W
Barbagallo Short F 2:30 W R T 47.42
Eastern Creek Short T 1:41.33 F 32.18 W R
Oscherlseben C F 1:43.25 32.91 R W T
Oran Park Short T 1:2460 F 27.20 W R
Zandvoort Oostelijk F 1:58.62 37.88 R W T
RESULT: Tone & Fred equal on points.

National Dirt Raceway Stage 4 W 4:45.28 R T 53.63 F
Brands Hatch Rallycross W 3:38.07 42.32 F R T
International Rallycross Long W 10:04.80 1:58.32 T R F
International Rallycross Medium W 6:08.50 T 1:10.14 F R
International Rallycross Short W 4:33.96 F T 52.93 R
National Dirt Raceway Stage 5 W 7:16.64 T 1:24.73 F R
RESULT: Woodie "clean sweeped" the field in delightful style.

GLOBAL GT LIGHTS – 4 laps – No Setups
Dinnington Park F 4:15.87.56 1:00.56 R T W
Oshershlerben W 2:43.03 F R 53.32 T
Oran Park North Circuit F 1:40.14 T 23.74 R W
Eastern Creek Short F 3:54.42 T 55.61 R W
Brands Hatch Short F 2:40.20 T 38.48 R W
Gateway International Road W 3:36.55 50.40 T R F
Sandown International Motor Raceway F 4:22.91 T 1:03.93 W R
Silverstone National Circuit W 3:26.10 T 49.48 W R (retired)
Barbagallo short W 2:51.01 F T
RESULT: Fred, Woodie, Tone and Raw in some VERY close competition.

Nashville Super Speedway T 2:16.96 R F 32.88 W
Snetterton W 4:32.98 F (cut chicane) T R 1:00.81 (cut chicane)
Castle Combe R 4:24.47 T W F 1:03.57 (nudged into chicane wall by Raw)
Silverrstone F 3:35.94 W 52.94 T R
Sandown International T 4:37.68 F 1:06.77 W R
Eastern Creek T 5:51.94 1:24.78 R F W
Barbagallo Fred 3:33.07 52.47 W R T
Oran Park South Circuit F 2:36.75 37.84 R T W
RESULT: Fred pipped Tone on points in the last race after some very close but generally fair physical tussles. It’s difficult to fit three trucks abreast, but it happened!  F 189 T 185 R 165 W 160

CALL OF DUTY 2 – 0123 hrs
Plant & defend the explosive

Beltot, France RawT – Wood 8 Tone – Fred 4
            R W 10 – T F 3
Caen, France R W 10 – T F 3

A smooth flowing evening enjoyed by all, with both Fred and Tone not quite up to last weeks stellar performances creating some very close rivalry throughout the field.
Mission ends 0230 hrs



Online game: Wood, Canon Fred Tone [Mick BenC online]

Bathurst T F C B M (Retired)
Phillip island T 3:43.43 1.12.21 F C B M (Retired)

Eastern Creek F 3:37.37 1:10.23 T C B (Taken out by Mick) M (Retired)

Bathurst F T C B M didn’t make it


Adelaide T 5:06.79 1:12.92 F C W
Barbagallo T 2:52.50 41.34 F W C

Eastern Creek T 4:44.40 1:08.79 F 1:08.70 C W (retired – altercation with Fred)
Hiden Valley F 3:31.56 T 50.75 W C
Oran Park F 3:29.16 50.63 T C W
Sandown F 3:55.73 56.79 T C W (Retired altercation with Fred)
Bathurst F 6:57.44 T 1:41.44 (Disqualified – wreckless driving)
Surfers Paradise T 6:03.79 1:26.77 F
Symmonds Plains F 3:02.55 T 43.59
Canon & Wood left after ongoing discussions with Fred over the Sandown incident. Because in my opinion, it is just a game and is meant to be fun, I will not be drawn in to comment.
Phillip Island T 4:57.55 1:12.06 F
RESULT: F 1809 T 1698

Bozo 1972 6:51.48 T 1:41.48 f M retired

T 6:58.29 1:43.49 F
f 6:58.21 1:43.34 T
F 6:57.08 T 1:41.67 M 1:43.70

F 6:57.69 1:42.38 T M 1:50.49 [retired]
F 6:58.03 T 1:42.91
We had a few ring-ins from overseas join our hosted game to mix things up and add some biffo, but check out those LAP TIMES!!!  Tone blistering with three 1:41’s on Bathurst over the evening but let down by inconsistency and comming of second best in a few altercations as every one did at sometime over the evening, as is the nature of the game.

Spa Francorchamp GP F 8:07.59 T 1:58.47
Brands Hatch GP F 4:30.68 1:06.18 T
Zandvoort F 5:34.57 1:19.99 T
Laguna seeca T 4:43.561:09.07 F
Spa F 8:00.40 Esterbaise 1:55.50 T 5th
Brands F 4:31.32 T 1:04.53

Lugana f 4:38.12 1:06.57 T

end 0200 hrs


Parts arrived early in the day with his full squadron of off-spring to tackle the less virtual and more physical challenge of a forced march with full packs and weapons on the lower slopes of the mountain with the local borgyborgs. A fine performance by the troops with little complaint, the rendezvous point of “Rocky Wheelan’s Cave” was reached before we returned via an alternative route in order to outwit Charlie, just in time for lunch. Fred joined us for a satisfying feed of bangers on the barbie, before we fired the PC’s up for some afternoon target practice and driver skill training. Parts reluctantly departed before tea under orders from his CO.

Fred & Tone continued on alone for some time, challenging each other for the coveted V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy, to be joined later only by Agent Canon. After battling their way thru a complete 8 lap series with mandatory pit stops, with many a contentious moment of biffo and shove, unbelievably, Fred & Tone were level pegging on points into the last race!! The pressure was on, and once again, Tone crumpled (or was he pushed?) under it’s overbearing weight to let Fred retain the prize.

Various cars & tracks followed the feature event, including Jaguar Palmer, Honda & Ferrari Challenges with Canon demonstrating his prowess and competitiveness in these less practiced classes. Before we knew it, the timepieces hands had wound round past 1 am and an early evening was called.

Once again, Commander Mick had lived up to his well earned reputation of reliability. Not only a no-show despite last weeks “promise” to attend, or the fulfilling of his later alternative suggestion of an online race, not even a full stop reply from MSN Messenger was received. On ya Mickey!


The attendance of Agents Parts, Fred, Canon, RawT, Woodie made for a great evenings entertainment with Tone at the EDGE.
After a 2 year absence, a shock non-playing guest appearance by Commander Mick of ICC & his dedicated sidekick & "right-hand man" Captain, part way thru the evening took all agents by surprise! Lets see if Commander can keep his commitment to attend next Friday’s event in full battle fatiques, or once again live up to his reputation of reliability.
The evening kicked off early on the track, starting with the high-powered and twitchy BMW Williams F1 Team Challenge. All agents applying the pressure on the leader and close competition made for congested and some contencious, hard-fought racing. Parts put on a brilliant show, finishing well in a close mid-field battle despite fighting the MOMO’s "pedal fatique" syndrome.

BMW Williams F1 Team Challenge
Surfers Paradise T 3:36.03 1:10.71 F P
Phillip Island F T P (T tapped by fred after tone had been a gentlman earlier by letting F infront after an altercation.

Barbagallo T 1:40.93 31.30 F P
Eastern Creek T 2:03.35 38.50 F P
T 2:23.93 45.21 P F (Blown tyre from self inflicted incident)

Hockenheimring F2:49.70 54.73 T C P 54.42
Brands Hatch Short C 1:57.46 F 36.21 T P
?? F 3:55.71 1:16.97 PTC
Behrain F3:08.43 59.34 W P C T (lap down)
Siverstone T 3:08.190 F W 59.83 P C

USA Muscle Car
Nashville Speedway F W T P R

Adelaide F 3:46.21 1:13.40 T W P R
Bathurst T 5:21.75 F 1:43.80 P R C
Barbagallo F 2:12.41 42.50 T P C R W
Eastern Creek T 3:37.18 1:09.61 F R P C W
Sandown T 3:47 F 56.79 C R P W
Oran Park T 2:40.556 51.24 F P R C W
Oran Park T 2:56.43 57.23 R F P C
Symonds Plains F 2:16.83 43.78C R P T
Phillip Island F 3:46.52 T 1:11.91 C P R
Surfers Paradise T 4:33.16 1:28.33 F P R C

RESULTS: T 1878 F 1878 P 1759 R 1746 C 1722

SHOOTOUT: Pukeko  Fred 2:25.16  Tone 😦

Eastern Creek short C T R W F P
Donington National T 3"07.94 C1:00.59 F R W P
Brands Hatch Short T 2:00.39 38.42 F W C R P
Sandown International T 3:15,39 F 1:03.54R W C P

Bathurst t c f Special guest appearance MiCk p retired

Long track 4 F R P T W

C 5:14.23 T 1:40.27 P R F W

After the carnage on the course, FINALLY, after much anticipation, 
Call of Duty 2 was launched for a different kind of battleground. Thru the hazy fog of war,  RawT dominated all rounds with his lightning reflexes and deadly accuracy, leaving a trail of limp corpses in his destructive wake. Fred was there as usual, snuggled in a cosy corner with sniper at the ready. It was thought he may have fallen asleep!

Mission ends: 0138 hrs.