Sadly, we lost one of our best agents this week
        "Buddy-boy the Wonder Dog".       
    Read the comments for some fitting tributes   
 in memory of our fallen four legged furry friend.

3 laps setups damage collosion on

Adelaide F 1:12.57 T C W
Pukekohe F 2.28.60 46.70 T C
Barbagello T 2:10.53 41.99 F C
Eastern Creek T 3:32.25 1:09.08 F 3:33.76 C
Shanghi T 5:14.31 F 5:15.29 1:43.26 W C
Hidden Valley T 2:48.66 51.23 C F W DNF
bitta biffo, fred passing tone, cannon into fred, cannon tapped tone, wood tapped fred, fred took out wood!
Queensland Raceway F 2:44.79 T 53.18 C
Tone on inside of Fred forced onto grass!
Oran Park T 2:37.66 51.39 F C W R
Tone led all the way, bit o biffo up the back.
Sandowd R 3:02.56 W C T 58.80 F
Carnage! Fred "wiped out by two cars on the first corner".
Tone & Fred had an unintentional "tangle" on the back straight. Raw led all the way.
Bathurst C 5:27.53 T 1:47.04 F R
Canon pulled in front of Fred afer overtaking causing an upset on lap 2.
Tone trailed early on, but nearly caught canon

Surfers Paradise F 4:37.59 T 1:29.65 R C
Bit o biffo, Tone regained 2nd position from last after early damage in lap 1.
Symmons Plains T 2:15.10 43.81 W R F C
Plenty of in race "discussion". Tone threaded thru without incident to the lead on the first corner, leaving the melee behind. Fred got cleaned up, with a car either side.
Phillip Island F 3:43.68 T 1:12.70 C R W
Canon let Fred past to ease tensions, Fred knocked Raw off.
RESULT:  T 2442  F 2406  C 2334  R 1068  W 1050
Tone thanked his "team mates" for nobbling Fred.

WORLD GT – GT CUP 3 laps
C Corvette C5, Noble M12, Marcos Mantis
Bathurst F 6:02.25 1:58.09 C T R W
Spa Francorchamps sportscar F 6:53.72 T 2:14.21 W R C
Phillip Island F 4:09.79  1:20.34 T W C R
Eastern Creek F 4:00.26 T 1:17.77 W R C
Laguna Seca GP Circuit T 3:58.43  1:15.86 W F R C

International Rallycross Long T 6:13.95 2:01.57 W C F R
Int Rally Med W 3:44.90  1:11.80 T C F R
Int Rally Short T 2:45.12  52.90 F W C R

Brands Hatch Rallycross F 2:16.61 44.04 W T 43.85 C R
National Dirt Raceway 5 T 4:19.72 1:24.98 F W C R
National Dirt Raceway ? T 2:47.15 54.14 F W C

HONDA S2000 TROPHY 4 laps no setup
Hockenheim GP F T W C R
Close racing, Tone "eased" onto the grass by Fred, bit of "friendly rivalry" followed.
Canon depart 11.46

A first look at this game for a few agents interested in a Real Time Strategy Game.
Very much like Age of Empires, but more basic, making it easier. We had time to build up our armies and setup a defence, but time beat us for a final Melee. Lorien Nook map.
Tone (good) 43267  RawT (good) 46431  Woodie (evil)  37051

End 0300 hrs


2 responses to “060520 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Tone,
    I’m surprised you failed to make mention of the loss of Buddy the Wonder Dog after 11 years of faithful and obedient possum culling.
    . . . and I quote:-
    Bud has gone, but ne’er you mind,
    We know good agents are hard to find.
    Sure of foot and stout of limb,
    That’s the way to remember him.
    He barked the bark and walked the walk,
    The wildlife he liked to stalk.
    He spilled their guts, he dragged them in,
    Tone chucked them in the rubbish tin.
    A coat of black, a coat of white,
    Guarding house and Enclave at night.
    No trespasser came, for they all knew
    Bud was fearsome and courageous too.
    Bud has gone but ne’er you mind,
    And yet alas, it was his time.
    He lived life to the full until the end,
    A cunning agent and steadfast friend
    See you soon, Mate.


  2. Thanks Parts, blog fixed. I was having trouble putting the right words together, but What follows is a heartfelt ode to Buddy Boy, sure to make any hardened agent’s eyes moist.ODE TO BUD.There’s a hole in my heart now our mate is gone,his body gave up, but his spirit lives on.You weren’t just our pet, you were much more than that,much more than an ordinary dog, to look after and pat.You had such a bad start, we missed you as a pup,then we gave you a fine home, and watched you grow up.You guarded our castle by day, and protected us at night,and when we were feeling down, you made us feel alright.Although we still have pictures to look at and see,things just aren’t the same, with you in lifeless 2D.We miss your soft furry coat, and your cold wet nose in our face,your hungry sparkly eyes, and your tail wagging all over the place.You’d bark at the car when we’d leave, and get under our feet,drag dead things under the house, and still expect a treat.Even if you got yelled at, when in trouble deep,your loyalty was faultless, a love we’ll always keep.Goodbye our Buddy boy, you’ve sung your last song,but the legend of the “wonder dog”, will forever live on.


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