He came, he saw (tail lights), he left in defeat!
What a night of racing! 6 agents battled it out for supremacy, but in the end,  there can be only one winner.
The evening began with  Darklord & Woodie sorting out pre-existing  PC problems, whilst others hit the track.
First up, Parts & Tone messed about on a few tracks in the A class 4wd’s, then joined by Canon & Raw, we entered  the very sticky GT Global Lights.
BRANDS HATCH: 3 laps, setups, colliion on, damage on.
1. Parts, 2. Canon, 3. Tone.
1. Tone 2:05.64, 41.13,  2. Parts 2:13.0341.13, 3  RawT, 4. Woodie (on canons PC)
1. Tone 3:08.45, 1:01.50  2. Canon  3. Parts 3.20, 1:05.39

During proceedings, Tone unlocked V8 International Tour, which HAD to be tried …
LAGUNA SECA: 4 laps, setups collision on, damage on.
1. Tone – Holden 4:57.70, 1:11.89  2. Parts – Falcon 5:08.24, 1.07.43   — Canon retired 1.27.93
1. Parts 4.42:64 2.01.85  2. Tone 4:47.09, 1:08.57
1. Parts 8:21.64, 2:01.85  2. Tone 8.31.27, 2:04.72 (Cut corner +10sec)  3. Canon
1. Tone 5:01.63, 1:12.75  2. Parts 5:17.14, 1:13.85

Darklord had his PC problems sorted and joined in the racing starting out with a convincing win in his first race …
1. Darklord  2. Tone 4:52.52, 1.11.70  3. Parts 5:03.74, 1:11.92
1. Tone 4:28.76 1.04.37  2. Darklord 1.06.25, 3. Parts 4:45.59 1:07.15  4. Woodie
1. Tone 8:12.98 2:02.47  2. Parts 8:19.45, 2:01.07  — DarKlord (retired) 8:12.99  — Woodie (retired)

ADELAIDE: 4 Laps, collision on, damage on, setups on
1. Tone 1.13.?  2. Darklord  3. Parts 5:17.82, 1:16.65
Tone overtook Darklord under brakes on the last corner, braking early to duck in behind him and poke up thru the inside. There was a touch as tone desperately avoided cutting the corner, but not enough to send Dark off the track or spin, and Tone held his line to claim victory in a style that Lowndes would have been proud of.
BARBAGALLO: 4 laps, collision OFF
1. Tone 2:56.45, 42.69  2. Darklord 2:56.01, 41.70  3. RawT  4. Parts 3:05.52, 1.12.14
1. Tone 4:44.27, 1:09.83  2. RawT  3. Parts 5:05.52, 1:12.14  4. Darklord (Cut -ran wide- last corner +10sec)
For some reason or other, Darklord dissapointingly refused to take on further track challenges, and Woodie stepped in ..
BATHURST: 4 laps
1. Tone 7:03.65 1:44.34  2. RawT  3. Parts 7:25.57, 1:48.10  4. Woodie 1:47.67

 It would seem that after fixing his pedals and now with full throttle , there may be no stopping Tone.
After many white knuckle laps,the coveted V8 Supercars perpetual trophy was claimed outright by Team Edge!!

Next up, a few Deathmatch rounds in Soldier of Fortune II so Darklord could regain some composure in a different field. Parts, Woodie & Parts took on Darklord & RawT in some team deathmatch. The results are sketchy, but who cares, the cup was back in it’s rightful place.


13 responses to “060422 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Well, I just caught the last lap at Pukehoe, second last corner Lowndes overtook to move into second spot, from the outside cutting across the rear, tapping the car in front and passing on the inside with NO PENALTY! I told ya he’d be proud. I wonder if he’d read this blog?


  2. Tone,
    I think you have glossed over the furore you created by passing (or crashing into) DL at Adelaide. I seem to remember that he was ropeable and even I heard the crash from where I was waaaaaay waaaay back in the field. I also think that the comment "thought your dad was racing" was pretty fair! Mind you, I did bump Canon off a couple of times at Hockenheim. (sorry Troy) But at least I stopped and waited for him to pass me. Manners, my boy, where are your manners?


  3. Tap, not crash! No one spun or came off the track. I had the speed and the line, saw an opportinity, the last possible one, and took it.  Did Lowndes demonstrate such manners on Sunday in an almost identical situation? Was he penalised by his actions? NO.


  4. Point Taken. But Mr Lowndes wasn’t racing at the enclave against DL, Canon, Parts and the infamous "touch-you-up Tone"! If he was, there could’ve been a punch-up in the pits after the race!


  5. I’m happy to be disqualified from that race if it makes everyone happy and they will continue racing in the future. I don’t care if I win or lose, as long as it’s a close & fair race, I still have FUN!! The results show I was the BEST driver on the night, and still clearly the outright trophy winner. Someone HAS to loose and I don’t complain when it’s me. This week, it wasn’t me!


  6. Righto "Mr Big Head" !!! Next time I come up I’m gonna bring my trusty 10" shifter and fix yer pedals nice ‘n propper like. Get it! 😦
    I think in the interests of close racing (or crashing in your case) maybe try a series with setups off – though there is a certain amount of skill and testing required to get the right setup for a hot lap. That said tho, I still got a couple of fastest lap times on some tracks with minimal tweaking and default transmission settings (now blowing my own horn!)  Us also-rans need to knobble you and the DL somehow. . . . I know, I know, I can hear you from here . . . . practice makes perfect.


  7. [Quote Parts] "Manners, my boy, where are your manners?" Your previous post is not worthy of a response. Personal attacks and treats of violence indeed. I almost deleted it, but am a big enough man (and not just my head) to take such insults. It would seem Darklord has a new found ally. You are weak and have succumbed to the Dark-side.Consistency is the key to success. You pick the car, track, set-ups and I will race you. It matters nought to me.


  8. You’re only talking tough because your dad could beat my dad!
    Right me cock-sparrow, Spa, v8 supercars, no setups 10 laps, collision off (just in case you give in to temptation) full damage.
    just give me a month or two to practice!
    AND FURTHERMORE, if my previous post was not worthy of a response, WHY DID YOU MAKE ONE?
    You’re just touchy because your racing stye is more suited to a  demolition derby instead of a proper race! 🙂


  9. Bring it on!!  [roll’s up sleeves]Next time you’re ALLOWED up!!Best make a madatory pit stop – you’ll be needing it with the battering you’ll give yourself – you’ll have to grow up and stop playing in the sandpits!I was just trying to offer some kind advice to Darklord’s new bitch, and that’s the thanks I get. Sheez!


  10. RIGHT!
    Next time I’m allowed up, I’m wearing my best fighting frock (with matching shoes and purse)
    momo’s at 20 paces . . . and bring yer dad!
    AND I’m bringing the missus. Coz while we’re having a knock-down drag-out race downstairs her and yours can have a cook-off upstairs!!!!
    AND FURTHERMORE – I don’t call MY missus "She Who Must Be Obeyed". When she says "no gaming this week Anthony" – THERE’S NO GAMING THIS WEEK ANTHONY!!!!!!!!
    (anyone else wanna join in the bunfight?)


  11. ohhh, now you’ve done it Parts!!Not only have you referred me by the name that only my mother calls me, but you’ve also brought the Minister for Finance and Social Functions into the debate. That IS low. Now I’m either going to have to apply in triplicate the the Minister for an appropriately approved response and bring what has become a  heated exchange to her attention, or give up. Turns out you were right, I had no idea of the "furore"  a single tap would create.


  12. Well Private Parts, my Dad is gunna be there THIS FRIDAY, so if you don’t show up in your frock, with your missus … you’ll be a yellow belly thumb sucking under the thumb smelly rotten egg loser! So there!! take that!


  13. Well, I’m not allowed up this week, so I guess I AM a yellow belly thumb sucking under the thumb smelly rotten egg loser
    I’ll be staying home with the missus and kids and I’ll be polishing the dent in my forehead!
    Roger should be able to clean everyone up this week seeing as he’s had lots and lots of practice while he’s been absent.
    See you in a couple of weeks.
    p.s. the postman comes tomorrow!!!


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