Only RawT showed the intestinal fortitude to battled the blizzard and join Tone for what turned out to be a good evening of virtual battles, despite the cold and lack of participants.

We pulled out V8SC3, starting with 3x 3 lap races in the 70’s Cup and then Global GT Lites.  Next,  some 6 lap races with mandatory pitstop in the 4×4 Rally Cross. Then the V8 Supercar Challenge was held, racing on Adelade, Bathurst & Surfers Paradise circuits, 10 laps each with a mandatory pit stop. The increased distance added some extra strategies and challenges to the racing, with damage and tyre wear playing a crucial roll, on occasion requiring more than one stop! RawT was on the pace, but a lack of consistency let Tone claim the coveted perpetual trophy, due in part to Darklords failure to defend, although it’s alleged that he may have been scared off after he heard Tone hadn’t been getting full throttle for the past few weeks and has now fixed his pedals, resulting in lap times quicker than those previously achieved by Darklord.

We then hit the virtual battlefields in Call of Duty 2, excitedly exploring some impressive new maps. As there were only two of us, head to head proved somewhat futile, but a few maps capturing flags and defending radio’s had us headed to the same spot for some close quarter action. RawT started off impressively well, with Tone rallying in response to make a desperate comeback, only to be out-shone (or shot!) once again.
The evening drew out to 2am – Thanks Paul.

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