Agents present: Darthlord, Woodie, RawT, Cannon, Parts, Tone.
V8SC3 was again the order of the night with Canon hosting a couple of races (300z and NSX, then Jags) before we hit the v8s. Nice close racing (with collision off to save arguments) between the also-rans left behind in darthlord’s exhaust fumes. Cannon left early leaving five operatives battling it out (well, technically four if you take Darthlord out of the equation) Some spectacular crashes and mistakes by drivers made racing very enjoyable. Table at the end of racing was (correct me if I’m wrong) DL, Tone, Wood, RawT and Parts last after a shocking lapse in concetration resulting in a DNF at the Gold Coast. (Tone once again redeeming himself with a victory in the last race of the evening).

BF2 was then fired up with Tone having trouble staying airborne after coming under merciless fire from Team Dark. Like lambs to the slaughter, Team Edge strolled around the battlefield in their shorts and thongs looking for somewhere to set up their banana lounges and picnic baskets whilst waiting for Darthlord and Woodie to knife them, C4 them or just shoot the sh!t out of them. Not sure what the final outcome was but it felt like Team Edge was again ground into the dirt by the large invincible army boot that is Team Dark.

Till next week. . . .

[This weeks debriefing was kindly supplied by Private Parts]


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