030623 – XBox 360 released !!

I looked over the shoulder of some guy racing on the new XBox 360  for about 5 mins today.
Not sure which game it was, probably Gotham Racing 3, he was in a Ferrari.
First impressions: impressive graphics, trees don’t look like they were cut from a cereal box,
windscreen looked VERY realistic with bugs on it and the way the light played through the glass.
Unfortuantely aliasing (jagged stepping) of the white lines around corners has not been cured !!
It did look better than my ATI 9600XT (as it should !) which is getting on abit in tech terms,
but for a gaming platform which is standard across the board (unlike PC’s),
I would have thought that games made for it would have a better chance of getting it SPOT ON,
utilising the standard components to their MAX.
Personally I think $800 odd would be better spent on a kick arse G card for the PC,
or let it burn a hole in your pocket until the Playstation 3 is released,
and they come down to $400 ish when the price war starts.

One response to “030623 – XBox 360 released !!

  1. Having paid close attention to Canon’s Nvidia 6600 powered Graphics card on Friday nite, I’d have to say his in game rendition, even though not latest spec top end card, visually  outperformed the new Xbox 360, with almost no aliasing of the white track edge lines. PC still wins!


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