Darthlord, Woodie, RawT, Canon & Tone enjoyed some very close racing in a variety of vehicles on various tracks in V8 Supercars 3.

To break up the evenings racing, Soldier of Fortune II was played for around one and a half hours in a “grab the bag” team deathmatch.  


The V8 Supercars series (6 tracks) was held at the conclusion of the evening, with  Darthlord claiming the perpetual trophy in some hotly contested close racing. Tone saved face by winning the last race of the evening, under pressure with Darthlord hot on his heals.


3 responses to “060317 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Nice carpet tiles, nice comfy chairs, why would you spend your friday nights anywhere else? (i.e. assuming you were allowed to!)


  2. Me too. Remember SWMBO has a lot more clout than I do.
    Glad I got my leave approved for this week!
    CU tomorrow night. Don’t forget to email me the fish ‘n chip order.
    Parts out.


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