PRESENT: Darklord, Woodie, Canon, Tone.
(Recent updates have lapsed due to the Mini Project)
FINALLY!!  V8 Supercars 3 was released on Thursday and copies were secured for it’s first run at the Enclave amid much anticipation.

After hunting down a cure for the game regularly quitting to desktop, (turn off all shadows seemed to fix it) we hammered this title all night with NO LAG amid some extremely close racing!! The only issue was with Darklords PC sound turning off whenever a new track was introduced. Codemasters advises un-installing game, disabling/removing sound card, turning off all apps & anti-virus, re-installing the game, then re-installing your sound card. Hopefully a patch won’t be too far away.

The game looks stunning, making it easier to judge the correct speed entering corners – closer to life IMO. Handling is superb, although maybe easier than real-life, it’s great fun controlling slides with torque steering, yet, still easy to come unstuck if pushed too hard. Almost every genre of car racing is covered, except drags, and the selection of vehicles (including go-karts) and tracks (including our own Symonds Plains) is very impressive, giving the game hopefully a long and varied playing life. Bathurst, an all-time favourite, has been re-rendered and looks totally different. No more giant leaps and burying noses going up the mountain, a better sense of speed and smoother driving ensues.
Fairer racing is assured with new race rules, truer damage mapping, and flags.

I’ve only tried 1 race online, and can report no lag issues there either.
The only fault I can think of (other than initial stability) is that I haven’t found a Mini in it yet!

Looks like GTR is set to stay on the shelf, and hopefully time will prove this title worthy, stable and playable until V84 is released … who knows when – and for now, who cares!


3 responses to “060303 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Seems to run good here – Speed and feel on 2m screen is unbelievable!Mind you – the same goes for FS9.0 and most other games…


  2. Seems to run good here – Speed and feel on 2m screen is unbelievable!Mind you – the same goes for FS9.0 and most other games…


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