The opening EDGE event for 2006 saw three young guests battle it out for virtual supremacy, in a special “bring your offspring” feature. A fun night was had by the youngsters (and us big kids), who now know what their Dad’s get up to on Friday evenings.

After a barbecue and few limited runs in V8SuperCars2 during set-up with Bryden dominating, fate had the seven of us battling it out in “Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold” for the rest of the evening with mixed results in both free-for-alls and team play. Unfortunately other games were ruled out, hampered by various technical issues on several PC’s, but we had lots of fragging fun anyway, and we won’t list who was beaten by a girl   with Canon’s daughter showing us she can slaughter with the best. Woodie’s son Josh filled Darklord’s vacant chair admirably, even giggling like a little girl during one particular homicidal rampage.

The Edge’s first major power outage in over two years brought down several machines for some added excitement. It turns out the kettle upstairs is on the same power circuit, so this will be swapped around to transfer the load to a less important circuit.

Play ended just after 12am.

On Saturday night I was joined by Parts and son Kieren whilst the women folk took some leave (and left us with the kids!) We looked at “Flat-Out”, an arcade style destruction derby type game which brought on some BIG grins!! Looks like a promising game for future events, and again SOF2, trying out some different maps, most notably, the “pool table”. I was going well against the two of them, until they got their teamwork together and began sapping my weapons of ammo – reload, reload damn you!!


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