6 agents donned their favourite frocks to celebrated the final Edge gaming get-together of the year.
A huge supper was enjoyed by all with each attendee contributing a shared snack, which included smoked atlantic salmon, pizza, pies, sausage rolls, biscuits and cake.
The proceedings began with Fred and Parts’ early arrival to patch and update PC’s, followed by a round of V8 Supercars2, which was won convincingly by Fred. Raw, Woodie & Darklord soon joined the fray, and play was switched to GTR. After a couple of races and plenty to eat, we jumped into Battlefield2 to round up the troublefree night. Private Parts requested and deserves a special mention for valour in battle for Team Edge Elite, going in hard and fast to upset the Darksides unwavering onslaught.

A BIG thank you to all participants who have attended over the past year and added to the entertainment within the Enclave and keep me out of the pub on a Friday evening! Here’s looking to more fun next year, and hopefully a completed Mini sometime in January, 2006!


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