Missing Mission Debriefings ..

No updates here for a few weeks, been slaving on the Mini Project.
4 attended 11/11, 7 agents on 18/11 sadly only 3 agents present on 25/11.

This weeks email invite flowed with rhyming verses:

The weeks gone really fast,
here’s the Edge message at last!

Friday’s go for those in the know,
so bring your rig and join in the show.

Plenty of racing, shooting & stuff,
’till late at night when you’ve had enough.

7.30 pm, the usual time,
& so concludes my little rhyme.

And some clever replies were received:
AS Darklords Lambo dissapears down the straight poor old Fred grows more Irrate !

     Woodie’s Ferrarri slows for a bend and canons Viper hits his rear end ,in dust and smoke and squealling tyres raw t slips through and down he fires > as Tone and canon run for cover another BF2 spawnpoint lost Edge team will never recover ! poor old commanders been missing in action just as well cause with no all wheel Drive he ‘d have no traction.  So thats how it goes another night on the hill > when is our next visit from lucky Phil !

see you there (or be square )


an appology from Private Parts: 

don’t smoke.
no cash,
must dash
no juice,
cooked goose.
wife will moan,
i’ll stay home,
and race on my own!
R. X

 And this witty classic which everyone read (and probably agrees with)
as it was posted "reply to all":
F*ck Off Tone!

Well, looks like the ‘udsen’s are off my Christmas card list!

Thank’s for the sentiments. 


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