A grand turnout of 7 keen operatives took to the virtual GRT racetrack at the EDGE.
As well as the 5 usual suspects, we were joined later in the evening, after a long absence, by "Mont", who also introduced a promising new player "iron monkey" to the fray.

Race 1: Monza 20:58:47
Tone, Ferrari 550, Laps=4, BestLap=1:48.939, RaceTime=0:07:39.550
Woodie, Ferrari 575 GTC, Laps=4, BestLap=1:51.897, RaceTime=0:08:04.781
1 on darklord (Alias Fred) Lamborghini, Laps=4, BestLap=1:52.658 RaceTime=0:08:23.557
darklord, Lamborghini, Laps=2, BestLap=1:50.187, RaceTime=DNF
canon, Lamborghini, Laps=3, BestLap=1:59.005, RaceTime=DQ

Race 2: Monza 22:37:19
darklord, Lamborghini, Laps=6, BestLap=1:49.117, RaceTime=0:11:05.502
Woodie, Ferrari 575 GTC, Laps=6, BestLap=1:51.398, RaceTime=0:11:29.944
Fred, Lamborghini, Laps=6, BestLap=1:49.020, RaceTime=0:11:30.884
Tone, Ferrari 550, Laps=6, BestLap=1:51.109, RaceTime=0:12:01.554
canon, Lamborghini, Laps=6, BestLap=1:52.211, RaceTime=0:12:08.184

Race 3: Magny-Cours 00:44:54

darklord, Porsche 911 GT3-RS, Laps=8, BestLap=1:45.600, RaceTime=0:14:26.755

Woodie, Ferrari 360 Modena, Laps=8, BestLap=1:52.025, RaceTime=0:15:41.117
Tone, Ferrari 360 Modena, Laps=8, BestLap=1:51.492, RaceTime=0:15:54.592
mont1, Ferrari 360 Modena, Laps=7, BestLap=1:55.244, RaceTime=0:14:42.020

ironmonkey, Ferrari 360 Modena, Laps=6, BestLap=2:15.401, RaceTime=0:14:29.140
Fred, Ferrari 360 Modena, Laps=6, BestLap=1:47.091, RaceTime=DNF

Race 4: Magny-Cours 01:39:36
Porsche 911 GT3-RS, Laps=6, BestLap=1:45.142, RaceTime=0:10:53.286

Fred, Ferrari Teams – 360 Modena, Laps=6, BestLap=1:48.009, RaceTime=0:11:37.819
Woodie, Ferrari 360 Modena, Laps=6, BestLap=1:50.766, RaceTime=0:11:51.321
Tone, Ferrari 360 Modena, Laps=6, BestLap=1:57.181, RaceTime=0:12:10.021
Race 5: Magny-Cours 02:15:39
Fred, Ferrari 360 Modena, Laps=6, BestLap=1:48.321, RaceTime=0:11:03.030
Woodie, Ferrari 360 Modena, Laps=6, BestLap=1:49.730, RaceTime=0:11:25.178
Tone, Ferrari  360 Modena, Laps=6, BestLap=1:55.502, RaceTime=0:12:30.290
darklord, Porsche 911 GT3-RS, Laps=0, RaceTime=DNF

A smooth running evening with few problems encountered. Fred had minor troubles with a recently aquired Microsofton FF wheel not returning to centre after any prang, forcing him to restart. Also some impatience approaching the first corner of Monza caused some angst, but this seemed to resolve after Canon departed. Generally the racing was pretty close and reasonably clean, apart from the occasional accidental shunt (sorry Wood!) With more practice and the recent 1.4 patch applied, this game beats V8SC2’s Pro-simulation mode for realism and is generally more stable with only very minor lag with MPlayer, but I still gotta fess, V8SC2 standard sim mode is still more adrenalin pumping, power sliding fun! Let’s hope the bugs are fixed in the much anticipated release of V8SC2005, due in Aust. 2006 – it will already be out of date!

Mission ends 2.30am.

NEXT WEEK: Strap on you AA vests and bring your weapons, it’s been WEEKS since we had a full on Frag Fest!! COD, SOF2, and Battlefield2 should be locked and loaded. We might squeeze in a race too!


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