PRESENT: Darklord, Woodie, RawT, Canon, Fred, Tone.

The first event after a 3 week break ran smothly with no problems encountered. Fred and Tone began an early shootout for the V8 Supercars Challenge trophy, while other agents set up thier systems, with Fred the victor.

GTR Racing, a relative newcommer, was then given a good cranking for the rest of the evening.
A different driving style was required to that of V8SC, with the selection of exotic highpowered cars understeering with no control if corners were tackled too fast. Likewise, recovery from untidy exits proved almost impossible, unlike the great drift control which can be experienced in V8SC. This made for a pretty unforgiving experience in Sumulation mode, with much frustration vented during the evening, there are also Arcade and Semi-Pro modes available. Fortunately gear selections are displayed with a track direction arrow in the heads-up for those who aren’t familiar with any of the ten tracks, however the distance displayed before each corner varied.
In-game graphics are outstanding, finally saying goodbye to cardboard cutout trees, and lag was never an issue. This game deserves further exploration to see if a setup can be configured to improve handling.
Darklord dominated the field with his unrelenting consistency.

After a full on evening of fun, mayhem and carnage, the mission wound up at 03:30.


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