The five regular agents enjoyed a fine evenings gaming under the leadership of the Darklord.

V8 Supercars was fired up first, with Canon, Fred & Tone participating in a few quick races whilst awaiting further arrivals. Darklord even had a bash to the delight of the "crowd" on Canon’s wheel. A few experiments were tried to reduce lag. (Mick reported that Fred visited him days after the event, and after a lengthy trial of Freds system, the fault was narrowed down to Logitech’s "Wingman Profiler" conflicting with the game. Strangely, it doesn’t seem to conflict with Colin McRae, which is also designed by Codemasters.

Next up, precision rally skills were called for in a close fought contest in Colin McRae. Consistency was the key to success, with someone other than me taking out the challenge.

Battlefield 2 rounded out the evening. After Canon’s early depature, Fred and Tone didn’t shy away from the task at hand, and took on the powerfully honed teamwork of Darklord and Woodie.

The evening ended at 1:00 am with some very weary eyes.

NEXT MISSION: Canon is Director of Operations.


One response to “050891 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Hello,After watching Fred’s machine run V8SP for 10 minutes I could see it Freeze every 10 seconds or so!Then I noticed a pattern – it Froze as soon as the Brake pedal was pushed – every time – then as the Steering was used the Freeze would happen more until the controller settled for a straight – where the freezing was not as apparent.Fred started V8SP through right clicking a wingman profiler launch menu.Instead launching without the profiler fixed the problem.V8SP2 has it’s own force feedback profiling area – I believe this conflicts with the wingman force feedback profile setup.Colin McRae rally does not have force profile area the same as V8SP2 – so the wingman profiler probably does not conflict.I think this solves the problem.


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