Mission Edge was cancelled late Friday morning, due to inclement weather and a very slippery driveway. One of the few pitfalls of having a remote, elevated locale. Fred answered the call, inviting a limited number of Elite Ops to his Penthouse Command Centre for a lengthy night of pixel pumping action.

LOCATION: Fred’s Penthouse Playground
PRESENT: Fred, Wood, RawT, Tone.

Colin McRae
Australia Stage 2 Test – Race 1: Fred, Race 2: Wood.
Super Special Rally – Results: Wood 7:03.34, Raw 7:04.05, Tone 7:05.80, Fred 7:10.10
Australia, 2WD – Results: Wood (VW Golf) 22:29.17, Tone (Citron Saxo) 22:42.97, Fred (Fiat Punto) 22:58.04, Raw (Ford Puma) 23:15.59. Special mention: Raw started well winning the first 2 races!
Spain, All Ford Focus – Results: Fred 19:25.26, Wood 19:47.77, Raw 20:03.23, Tone 20:13.22
Finland, All Ford Focus – Results: Wood 20:37.20, Raw 20"45.17, Fred 20:48.80, Tone 21:07.75

Battlefield 2
Wood & Fred (US)  V’s  Raw & Tone (China)
Map 1: 16 player Oilfields: Raw & Tone – convinsing victory!
Map2: 64 player Valley: Raw & Tone – lengthy capture bases campaign.

RUNDOWN: A smoothy run evening limited to two games, with few proplems and plenty of close competition. Fred has satisfactorally provided a limited Operational Command Centre capable of hosting 6 Ops, which has now proved itself functional and almost worthy of Alliance status. The only complaints arose from limited legroom for foot-pedal use. Whilst radio communications are beyond reproach, it would be good to see an expansion of infrastructure mainly in relation to internet access. With this and a web presence, membership to the Alliance would be an almost certainty, as most other requirements are satisfactorally met. Well done on hosting a fine evening.

Mission Ends: 04:00 hrs


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