Five Ops – Dark, Wood, RawT, Fred, Tone.
Apologies from Canon.
Off air for the evening to concentrate on gaming.

V8 Supercars – 6 races, did not use wingman profiller, NO PROBLEMS.
Very close racing bumper to bumber with Fred claiming victory.

Collin McRae –  Rally, rally rally.

Too close to call, Dark the early victor but retired from racing early.
Wood came thru with consistency to take the podium. 

Battlefield2 – bang, bang.
Lots of inflight action and teamwork comming together on both sides,
with the Edge Elite offering some solid resistance against an omnipresent  onslaught.

Colin McRae –  Rally, zzz, ralzzzz.

A fantastic, smooth flowing  event  with no technical issues.
02:00 end.


The five regular agents enjoyed a fine evenings gaming under the leadership of the Darklord.

V8 Supercars was fired up first, with Canon, Fred & Tone participating in a few quick races whilst awaiting further arrivals. Darklord even had a bash to the delight of the "crowd" on Canon’s wheel. A few experiments were tried to reduce lag. (Mick reported that Fred visited him days after the event, and after a lengthy trial of Freds system, the fault was narrowed down to Logitech’s "Wingman Profiler" conflicting with the game. Strangely, it doesn’t seem to conflict with Colin McRae, which is also designed by Codemasters.

Next up, precision rally skills were called for in a close fought contest in Colin McRae. Consistency was the key to success, with someone other than me taking out the challenge.

Battlefield 2 rounded out the evening. After Canon’s early depature, Fred and Tone didn’t shy away from the task at hand, and took on the powerfully honed teamwork of Darklord and Woodie.

The evening ended at 1:00 am with some very weary eyes.

NEXT MISSION: Canon is Director of Operations.


Mission Edge was cancelled late Friday morning, due to inclement weather and a very slippery driveway. One of the few pitfalls of having a remote, elevated locale. Fred answered the call, inviting a limited number of Elite Ops to his Penthouse Command Centre for a lengthy night of pixel pumping action.

LOCATION: Fred’s Penthouse Playground
PRESENT: Fred, Wood, RawT, Tone.

Colin McRae
Australia Stage 2 Test – Race 1: Fred, Race 2: Wood.
Super Special Rally – Results: Wood 7:03.34, Raw 7:04.05, Tone 7:05.80, Fred 7:10.10
Australia, 2WD – Results: Wood (VW Golf) 22:29.17, Tone (Citron Saxo) 22:42.97, Fred (Fiat Punto) 22:58.04, Raw (Ford Puma) 23:15.59. Special mention: Raw started well winning the first 2 races!
Spain, All Ford Focus – Results: Fred 19:25.26, Wood 19:47.77, Raw 20:03.23, Tone 20:13.22
Finland, All Ford Focus – Results: Wood 20:37.20, Raw 20"45.17, Fred 20:48.80, Tone 21:07.75

Battlefield 2
Wood & Fred (US)  V’s  Raw & Tone (China)
Map 1: 16 player Oilfields: Raw & Tone – convinsing victory!
Map2: 64 player Valley: Raw & Tone – lengthy capture bases campaign.

RUNDOWN: A smoothy run evening limited to two games, with few proplems and plenty of close competition. Fred has satisfactorally provided a limited Operational Command Centre capable of hosting 6 Ops, which has now proved itself functional and almost worthy of Alliance status. The only complaints arose from limited legroom for foot-pedal use. Whilst radio communications are beyond reproach, it would be good to see an expansion of infrastructure mainly in relation to internet access. With this and a web presence, membership to the Alliance would be an almost certainty, as most other requirements are satisfactorally met. Well done on hosting a fine evening.

Mission Ends: 04:00 hrs


Present: Darklord, Woodie, Fred, Canon, Tone.

V8Supercars2 – A few races with Mick online whilst waiting for arrivals. Fred had graphics issues, and game not installed on Dark & Wood’s PC’s.

Colin Mcrae USA: 2 rally’s, but interest wained and ops seemed keen to try …

Ford Racing 3 New game installed. Arcade driving style racing with great graphics which help save it, along with a variety of racing modes, track styles and many vehicles to select from, including "Vintage cars" which were trialled.
A lot of fun if you’re prepared to overlook the lack of driving realism.

Battlefield2 – Tone’s turn for graphics problems … back to ..

Colin Mcrae – Australia: wood fred tone

The regulars enjoyed a varied eveining dictated by various "challenges".

MissionComplete: 2.05 am.

NEXT MISSION: Darklord is Director of Operations. Prepare to battle.