Darklord, Woodie, RawT, Canon, Fred, Tone (Mick via net Video Conference.)

online test, Mick hosting – Bathurst
heaps of lag especially when Fred joined – switched to racing on LAN only ..

Convertable world tour
1 SurfersParadise –
2  Kyalami –
3 Vallelunga – fred tone canon rawt
4 Shortwood Park – fred rawt canon tone
5 Loch Ranoch1-  fred canon rawt tone
1 Hockenheimring – Fred Darklord Tone RawT
2 Adira Raceway – Dard, fred tone Rawt
3 Eurospeedway – fred Dark Tone RawT
4 Zandvoort – Fred tone Dark RawT
5 Hockenheim Ring – Dark fred tone RawT
Round Results: Fred Dark
SHOWDOWN: Hockenheimring – Dark Fred Rawt
No serious lag proglems on any pc during these races!

Omar Oilfields
fred top scorer for Edge Elite after successfully capturing several bases, while Tone attempted to distract the enemy with some uncoordinated flying stunts.
Some very close air to air combat with plenty of low level flying,
ultimately the Darkside triumphed 375-0
Gulf of Oman
Darklord joined Fred and Tone against Woodie and Raw.
Unfortunately DL copped some friendly fire – old habits are hard to break – lol.
Good close combat with air support from tone.

1 Dark Wood Tone Raw Fred
2. dark wood fred raw tone
3. dark wood tone fred raw
4. MSN Spaces server went down!
6. tone Dark fred wood raw
result: dark 20:37.67 wood 21:41.41 fred 22:07.05 tone
22:28.27 raw 22:58.29
1. fred dark wood raw tone
2. dark wood fred tone raw
3. dark raw fred tone wood
4. dark raw wood fred tone
5. fred wood dark raw tone
6. dark raw fred wood tone
result: dark 21:46.51 fred 22:20.45 wood 22:32:51 raw 22:41.85 
tone 23:33.42
Um, I think I fell asleep in there somewhere. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

Mission ends: 2.45am


Tone [3IC]
V8 Supercars – Damage on Collision off
Formula 1000: Road America, Donington Long, Hokkenhiem
seat: Surprise tracks

Call of Duty 

Battlefield 2 (possibly some maps without air support or commanders)

A relaxed play by ear evening is intended.
See ya then then.

One response to “050729 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. I have enjoyed playing via the video link..But I am coming up this week, I wanna see this battlefield 2 thing – sounds good…Will someone make Roger update to XP…he will thank us afterwards…


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