Present: Wood [3IC], Dark, Parts, Fred, Tone, Mick (via ICC).

A laid back evening with plenty of action, breaks and technical challenges.

Colin McRae kicked of the evening with Fred dominating the racing after what must have been some furious practice during the week. Mick was able to host some games over the WAN which we joined. It seems that for technical reasons, no games can be hosted by Edge for now.

Battlefield 2 was played out for the remainder of the evening. This highly addictive game kept 4 of us pounding pixels till 3.00am.

V8SC2: Collision ON, Damage OFF, no shunting please.
Round 1: Convertible World Tour: Servers, Kyalami, Vallelunga, Shortwood Park, Loch Rannoch 1
Round2: DTM: Hockenheim Ring, Adira Raceway, Eurospeedway, Zandvoort, Hockenheim Ring.
Battlefield2: your turn to win
Colin McRae 4: 4WD Spain, USA, Australia

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