Rollcall: Canon (3IC), Dark, Wood, RawT, Fred, Tone, (Mick Vidio/audio link from ICC.)
A good and lengthy evenigs entertainment, the link up with Mick causing some distration for Tone, hence a bit light on for the results. We managed to get a few races over the net though with varying success. Canon ran the evening admirably, his choices being limited by installed games and technical issues. Darklord rebuilt his pc during the evening after a bios attack earlier, so was unfortunately MIA for most of the evening.


A nice variety of track and vehicles had us fairly evenly paced, in a more relaxed racing atmosphere. Lag was still experienced, with collision on for the first race, so was turned off for the rest of the night.
V8 – Adelaide
V8 – Bathurst
UK Rally – LochRanoch1
skylines – Bathurst
Formula 1000 – Road America


This game is excellent! Looks nice, runs well with fairly scailable graphics demand, although it does require a DirectX9 compatable Vid Card! Another uprade for TI4200 owners. With plenty of variety in game play and maps, domination from the air isn’t quite as easy compared to 1942, as there’s a new arsenal of weapons and vehicles for ground troops to utilise and more cover. I’ve played it online with 64 players and experienced no lag. With the high level realism of bullets whizzing past your ears and richocheting about, I anticipate this will be a regular feature in future Edge missions.
Reccommended purchase.
 Valley 64
oilfeild 16
3:40am finish

Woodie (3IC)
Advised a "play by ear" evening, but will email a rough game plan Tuesday.
Agents will be advised by email.
UPDATE: "Hey Tone, Woodie here. sending u a run down for Friday night. Want to keep it lite and easy, start with racedriver2 for an hour or so, then maybe cmc4 while all the wheels are out. After that some battlefield is deffinately on the cards. The rest play it by ear. … will catch u on Friday. See Ya!!!!"

3IC Roster: Wood, Fred, Tone, Dark, Canon


2 responses to “050715 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Very good…It was good to see, from a distance EDGE doing what it does pretty well – bringing extreme IT to the few lucky enough to be there!Even though I attended via video/audio link I saw a splash of HUGE potential regarding this technology.Couple of things I would consider for the future – don’t use software that kills the hardware, especially since the medium hardware nowadays is no where near up to some of these more recent games. It’s a simple fact – when you have 10 different people coming along with 10 different PC’s it’s going to be a good idea to consider the games you want to run…On Saturday night Tone hooked up to ICC again – we played V8 supercars while leaving the live audio link operational – WE SAW NO LAG! – it was a perfect gaming session… This fact alone shows the huge potential of the gear we currently have.


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