Director of Operations (3IC) – Darklord.
Present: Dark, Wood, Canon, Star, Fred, Tone, Ace.
A well managed evening unfortunately beset with various hardware troubles
previously not encountered, but enjoyable non the less.
Colin McRae
Greece Practice
1: Fred, Tone, Dark, Wood, Star
2: Dark, Tone, Wood, Fred, Star
1: Dark, Wood, Star, Fred, Tone, Canon, Ace
2: Dark, Wood, Star, Canon, Ace.
(Fred[PC problem], Tone retired)
3: Dark, Wood, Star, Canon, (Tone distracted;
Ace – in a first, damaged car engine beyond repair!
We may have to find a cross country 4WD game for him)
4: Dark, Wood, Canon, Star, Tone (Fred continuing PC problem)
After much tinkering, restarting and scratching of heads,
it’s found that Fred’s wheel is pressing down on the windows key!
1: Dark, Tone, Wood, Star, Canon, Fred
2: Dark, Star, Wood, Fred, Tone, Canon
3: Dark, Star, Wood, Fred, Tone, Canon
4: Dark, Fred, Wood, Canon, Tone, Star
5: Dark, Wood, Tone, Star, Fred, Canon
6: Dark, Fred, Wood, Star, Tone, Canon
ROUND: Dark 20:30.88, Wood 22:21.97, Fred 22:23.66
Tone 22:40.96, Star 22:48.63, Canon 78:00.35
Soldier of Fortune II
Rooftop capture bag – Team Dark: 61, Edge Elite: 26 (Fred Blue screen!)
Pool Team Deathmatch – Team Dark: 44, Edge Elite: 21
(Star had graphics problems)
V8 SuperCar2
Tone Controller problem – no steering, prevented team racing series finale.
Director of Operations (3IC) – Canon.
19:30 V8SC2 Rally Cross 8 lap endurance Loch Rann1
20:30 Soldier of Fortune 2 infiltration (bag grab)
21:30 1. Call of Duty Team death match Caraten
      2. Team Deathmatch radio
23:00 Dark 100 Colin McRae Rally 4

3IC roster: Canon, Wood, Fred, Tone, Dark


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