Present: Darklord, Woodie, Canon, Fred, Tone.

Medal of Honour – Pacific Assult (NEW!)
I loved it!! I got the first kills with the "Daily Double"!!
Bayonetted the Darklord after running out of ammo at close range, then got the DD again!!!
An overwhelming triumph by Team Edge – Canon, Fred & Tone.

We’ve finally found a FPS where Team Edge kicked some serious Darkside Butt, But it immediatly got canned by the losers with these excuses:
Big maps with not much variation, lots of folage, but lacking the features and control smothness of COD, and unfortuntately, I happen to agree.
We only played one map, and it Looks like we probably won’t be revisiting that one. The scores weren’t displayed long enough by Darklord to be recorded.

Soldier of Fortune II Gold
We soon switched to an old favourite so that team Darkside could re-group and regain some composure.
House warming: Darklord 90 Wood 61 – Tone 12 Canon 10 Fred 3
Roof Top: Scores not recorded – win to Darkside.

In preperation,earlier in the evening Fred kindly disassembled, soaked and sprayed Tone’s MOMO footpeddals, which successfully fixed the fading accellerator problem. Then his steering quit working.
After this was sorted, despite all efforts to ensure everyone’s pc’s were set up correctly, the lag gremlins played havoc. Collision was sadly turned off for the second race, but ensuing instabillity problems with both Team Darkside machines cut the V8 Challenge short – it just wasn’t meant to be.
dark fred tone canon wood
dark 54:47 tone fred canon

With dissapointment, we switched to Colin McRae to round off the evening.
tone wood dark fred canon
dark wood fred tone canon
dark fred tone wook canon
dark tone fed wood canon
dark fred tone wood canon
dark wood canon tone fred
SERIES RESULT: Dark Tone wood fred canon

tone wood dark fred
dark tone wood fred
wood dark fred tone
tone dark wood fred
result: dark tone wood fred

ROUNDUP: An evening beset with unexpected problems. Because of this, having a "Game Plan" was no help as it could not be adhered to. Discussions took place about the "pilot" and as a result, it has been decided to appoint a "Director of Operations (3IC)" for a one rotation trial. This person will choose the games, send a ‘heads up’ email to agents in advance, and oversee the general flow of the evening, in consultation Tone who will remain 2IC, after SWMBO.  For now, this esteemed position will rotate around five agents with the most consistent attendance records, Darklord, Canon, Wood, Fred & Tone, however, anyone may volunteer for a future event. They can have my turn, seems as I’ve done it for a year.

NEXT WEEK:  To kick things along, Darklord is appointed DirOps 3IC (and has duly accepted) for the evening. Canon, Wood, Fred then Tone will direct the following weeks as a trial. It’s in their hands now!

STANDARD GAMES which should be installed
Call of Duty, Soldier of Fortune, Colin McRae, V8 SC2 (May be changed depending on GT testing)
I’ve looked at Battlefield2 and can report that this is an awesome game!! No need for MOH-PA when we have this!!

Communication ends<



3 responses to “050701 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Mick, your lengthy cut and paste was removed. Interesting, but not relevant to the evening.It has been kindly reposted on Captain’s Blog.Tone.


  2. Technical AssistanceICC network certification services is happy to announce an offer to come in and solve EDGE network technical difficulties.This offer is extended with a healthy good will, and would also give the EDGE competition standard network standards…ICC


  3. Thank you for your kind offer of assistance Commander.It would be disrespectful of me to refuse.I indeed extend a warm welcome to you once again, a bonding of the Aliance, to further assist in impending EDGE infastructure enhancements.


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