20/4/05 Sign up Telstra Bigpond BroadBand
1800 830 008 and quote
campaign code 6115
Was told I had to go with Telstra, otherwise I would have to pay to have my "pair-gain" lines upgraded.

May 27 – contacted Order Department 1800 306 919 – Told there is a hold up transfering phone account from Optus.
15/6/05 Went into Testra – Optus transfer still pending.
Was told I can go thu anyone, and it shouldn’t take any longer than with Testra, or cost any more.

sign up with iinet (SHOULD TAKE 10-15 WORKING DAYS).

16/6/05 Cancelled Testra BBand account &self install kit cancelled.

Faxed Netspace cancellation for end of billing cycle 1300 303 094
(can now use iinet dial-up account)
Email received from Testra:
Your BigPond® Broadband application has been processed and we’ve confirmed that you can get the service at your address."

21/6/05 Testra self install kit delivered (was sent 17/6) & returned immediately to Telstra Collins St. I asked for a receipt, but none could be issued!
(Given to helpful lady in corner who helped me on 15/6)

29/07/05 5.20pm
iinet account status: provisioning still …

> Rang iinet, told Telstra have put "a code" on the line,
meaning no other ISP can sign me up.

> Rang Telstra 131 282 – Karly D234346 Gold Coast.
Requested code be removed, told "by lunch time tomorrow or if lucky, next few hours".
Put on HOLD.
No, now they have to contact "my phone biller" to get permission to remove code.
"May take a few days."

> Rang iinet phone section – Ian

My phone number states "Failure in relation to broadband"

iinet don’t put a request thru for phone service untill broadband is granted.
so phone should be with telstra still.
iinet not my phone provider and havn’t yet applied for phone service because of "code block".
"Unable to proceed with dsl customer has adsl with another provider".

> Rang Telstra, phone not with them – wholesale customer,
cant access details or tell me who is my phone provider.
Transferred to – HOLD – 1800 816 655 Testra Direct
more HOLD,

yeah, she says she can remove the code!!
then, no, can’t get access – HOLD.
More details – HOLD
has to fill out a request form on PC and send to "back end office" (wholesale)
as can’t get access, may take a while …
HOLD (I said it was ok, I’d been waiting for about 5 years for this and I just want it sorted!!)
Successfully applied for "code" to be removed,
Should take about 1 day. – 6.17pm

(OPTUS customers: Telephony, Internet, television 133 937, complaints 133 937)
Rang Optus– 20 min wait – gave up.

30/6/05 10:30 Rang Optus 133 937, my phone account (still with them) isn’t even in my name (or my wifes)  and I could not proceed!!!
Rang home, got account Name: HJ ….. (SHOULD BE AJ!!!) and account No.
Rang Optus again … Transferred & Given direct number: 1300 300 469 – (sales direct number bband – 133 345)
Paula: Can’t change name over phone, sending form, may take 2 weeks!

Rang Telstra again 1800 816 655: "longer than normal delays expected" 11:20 .HOLD..11:35
Damien – told me to ring Optus to get "code" removal request sent to Telstra wholesale.

Rang Optus again …11:38
Pat: took details, explained again … HOLD again …
Optus cant remove "code" because Telstra put it on ..
I politely vented my frustration
HOLD again… she’s contacting telstra for me
ASSURES me the "code" will be removed by close of business.

"Tell iinet phone to take all services – or Optus will take them back again."

Rang iinet 131917
Application has been cancelled because it took so long!!
I now have no dial-up internet access either!!
They can’t resubmit application because of the "code" on my phoneline.

Call back tomorrow to re-apply under "HJ  …."

At lunch, I went to the Optus office in Hobart – they could not help me.

All this over a blocking "code" I was never told about or requested.

1/7/05 Re-applied with iinet this morning –  told it’s gonna take another 5-10 work days to find out again!!!  Still waiting …

If you want broadband, DO NOT EVER RING TELSTRA,
or let them know your interested!!!

12.30, rang iinet again – no access to thier "toolbox" still, but ….

The "code" has been removed – finally!
Telstra have told iinet 8 July (next Friday!!)
But I’ll still have to wait for the modem to arrive the following week ……
    I’M NEARLY THERE!!!       


6 responses to “BROADBAND FRUSTRATION !!!!

  1. 1/7/05 Emailed this to Telstra: I have just recieved an email, subject "Changes to BigPond Terms and Conditions" starting "Dear BigPond(R) Member,". I wish to CONFIRM THE CANCELLATION of my application for "Bigpond Broadband", which I did by phone on 16/6/05. Following this call, I received an installation kit with modem, which was immediately RETURNED to Telstra’s Hobart office, Collins Street. DO NOT PUT A "CODE" ON MY LINE!!!!It has taken me 3 days and 12 phone calls to get one placed by Testra REMOVED – this is wrong – and should be illegal!!!I am not happy with your service or your attitude towards customers, and have taken my business elsewhere.Please remove my details from your records.My Order Number was: ………I will NOT pay any bill in relation to this message, nor should I owe you anything.Regards, Tone.


  2. email recieved today from iinet:"Your new ADSL service is now active! The hardware you ordered will be couriered to you within two to four working days."Bigpond rang up on wednesday evening asking if I was interested in BBand!! lol.Looking good for go next week!!


  3. Yay!!!!!!! A shiny new ADSL router (D-Link DSL-502T) was waiting for me at work this morning!! Aparently all I have to do is plug it in – AND EDGE GET’S BROADBAND!!!!Given what it’s taken to get this far, I’m not expecting it to be quite that easy,but it’s still exciting none the less!If all goes well, The EDGE will have a highspeed internet connection TONIGHT,in preperation for Friday’s Gaming Fest.


  4. Yeah!! Broadband in the Enclave!The first PC was relatively plug & play,however, sharing it with downstairs took some time, but for now, seems to be sorted.:)


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