Present: Dark, Wood, Canon, RawT, Fred, Tone

V8 Trophy Challenge 20:30
6 laps, Set ups on, Collision on, Damage on, 90% + Madatory pitstop
Good to see the Darklord back amongst the fray, however, his awesome omnipresent use of the forces of Darkness and the relentless unsettling onslaught wasn’t enough to intimidate Tone into submission, who once again held off all challengers to retain the coverted trophy after some very close racing.
The round was not without it’s problems though, with the old lag gremlin taking it’s toll again, a few unsheduled breaks, and the unexplained system outage of the Deathstar – could it be sabotage? 
Adelaide: Fred 192, Dark, Tone 1:15:56, Canon, Wood
Phillip Island: Fred, Toon Canon, Wood, Dark (retired – system crash)
Oran Park: Toon 55;57, fred, canon, wood
Bargagallo: Toon 46.15, Fred, dark, Canon, Wood
Hidden Valley: Toon, Fred 56.55, Dark, Wood, Canon – Fred got shunted twice and has lodged a protest.
Bathurst: Tone 1:45.10, Fred, Canon, Wood, Dark
Surfers Paradise: Toon 1:32.54, Fred, RawT, Canon, Wood (Retired)
ROUND RESULTS: Tone 1146, Fred, 1122, Canon 1056 RawT 180

Colin McRae 22:00
USA (warm-up)
1 Tone 3:39.46, Raw, Wood, Canon
1 tone, wood dark raw canon
2 dark tone wood canon raw
3 Raw dark wood tone canon
4 Raw dark tone wood Canon

Call of duty 23:00
Several Team Deathmatch rounds were played in the village streets, however, the results weren’t displayed long enough to be recorded. After some furiously heated close quarter combat, especially in the building with the machine gun nest, it became apparent that team Edge was once again no match for the powers of Darkness.
Top team scorers in round 2: dlord 34 tone 24

Colin McRae
Mmm, it seems as if someone has been practicing …
wood dark raw tone fred
dark 3:21.84 raw fred wood tone
dark 2:59.59 fred raw wood tone
dark 3"39.55 wood raw fred tone
dark 2:20.03 raw wood fred tone
Results: Dark, raw, wood, fred, tone
Tone had controller problems – no full throttle*

wood raw fred tone
tone raw wood fred
raw fred tone wood 1.30 between all
fred wood raw tone
wood raw fred tone
raw wood tone fred
wood 19:45.27 raw 19:47.16 Fred 20:40.86 Tone 20:11.69

* Fred had the same problem a few weeks ago. It appears that the Momo wheel’s accellerator pedal slowly fades from giving full throttle, possibly due to a build up of dust/carpet particles. Fred has successfully dismantled his pedals and cleaned them with alcohol and a squirt of WD40. Screws can be found under the rubber floor protectors.
Tone found that by unplugging then reconnecting the controller teporarily fixed the problem,

Rundown: As the Director, Tone takes some responsibility for a fairly unsettled night. With irregular breaks, a system problem, controller issues, some lag in the V8’s and a fair bit of whinging occuring. "COME ON GUY’S, NO FIGHTING – THIS IS THE WAR ROOM". The Edge infastructure coped well despite the cold.

NEXT WEEK: If you have it, install & practice Medal of Honour – Pacific Assult.


3 responses to “050624 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Ye,I heard about the whining and arguments…Worst seen so far I heard from an insider who attended the night! (I won’t reveal the informants name)here is a thaught, rid anything running 2000pro…XP has better TCIP stack ect…


  2. Here’s a thought – if you guys carried on like that at a gaming center, the other players would kick you’re bloody heads in…What’s wrong with u fools…


  3. Hello everyone involved with EDGE—————————————–Well here we are in good old 2005, and from the looks of things EDGE is going quiet well!Sadly I (Commander of ICC) have been in exile because of health issues, but I am repaired now (mostly) – so I am coming out of exile…Now to the main point of this BLOG entry – broadband…From what Tone Zone has said recently his EDGE facility will be broadband capable in a matter of days.What is all the excitement about? Well broadband (ADSL) will allow ICC to directly compete in tournaments against team EDGE. (Lag has never been a problem here on broadband, so with any luck EDGE might be able to find the faulty gear causing the lag issues while playing across ADSL) and believe be, it has to be faulty gear in some way.I have created and tested V8 supercars sessions with 10 players, and no lag on ADSL as recently as last week – so fingers crossed ICC can challenge EDGE in a team war…Of special note: here at ICC runs 1500/512 ADSL which works absolutely 100% without lag, of course the other 10 players (unknown to ICC) we tested this with must have LAG problems licked…There is no excuse for LAG fellas – CHECK OUT You’re hardware! And fix it…cause it’s got to be solved if you’re going to play network games.Bring on the BROADBAND…


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