v8 supercars2
A non-competitive test race was held first up after some setting changes to see if the continuing lag problem could be resolved. This included turning off screensavers (Freds suggestion), AntiVirus off (may be slowing incomming game traffic over the LAN), turning off all non-essential programs (MSN Messenger, WinZip etc.) and network components (ONLY TCP/IP, Client for MS and File & Printer sharing -Turn QoS off). The modem was left on. The combination of these changes allmost completely eliminated lag, enabling full collision on with few problems. We were joined with a rare special guest appearace, after a 2 year absence in the V8’s, by Darklord, using Canon’s wheel. Very close and fairly clean racing ensued, with Tone regaining the coveted Trophy after being pushed hard.

Perpetual Trophy Challenge 20:00
4 laps, 90%, Setups, Collision on, Damage on, Mandatory pitstop

Adelaide: Tone 1:17.09, Wood, Fred, Canon, Parts
Bathurst: Tone 1:46.84, Fred, Darklord, Wood, Parts
Oran Park: Tone, Fred, Wood, Parts, Darklord (Failed to Pit)
Surfers Paradise: Tone, Fred, Darklord, Wood, Parts
Sandown: Dark 1:58.38, Fred, Tone, Wood, Parts
Barbagallo: Fred, Tone, Dark, Wood, Parts
ROUND: Tone 1128, Fred 1110, Wood 1056, Parts 1005, Canon 744

Pariah 22:00
First look – some unusual maps and a nice varied selection of weapons.
Well done to the Darkside, and thanks for telling us before the second round about weapon upgrades, not that it helped. Edge Elite really need to re-group and stick with the team plan in order to overcome these ferrocious demons of death.
It almost embarasses me to publish these scores.
Darkside 33, Edge Elite 5
Darkside 68, Edge Elite 16

Colin McRae 24:00
It’s a good thing this game uses ghost cars. Unbelievably close racing, with a kaleidoscope of flashing colours fighting to stay in front. There is no way we’d all fit on the tracks together, almost always utilising the same piece of road. The results came down to consistency, Darklord holding it together while others threw the game away in shear desperation.
Next week’s handycap – this weeks winner must now wear the perpetual Colin McRae full face helmet!
Warm up. Dark 3:03.11, Tone, Fred, Wood
1. Dark 3:06, Tone, Fred, Wood, Canon
2. Dark, Fred, Tone, Wood, Canon
3. Dark 3:33.23, Fred, Tone, Wood, Canon
4. Dark, Fred, Wood, Tone, Canon
5. Tone*, Dark, Fred, Canon, Wood
ROUND: Dark, Fred, Tone, Wood, Canon
(*Ran into creek, respawned in front, was 3rd)

1. Fred, Wood, Tone
2. Wood, Fred, Tone
3. Fred 3:07.94, Wood 3:07.96, Tone
4. Tone 3:09.50, Fred 3:10.72, Wood
5. Wood, Fred, Tone
6. Fred, Wood, Tone
ROUND: Fred 26:02.90, Wood 20:03.83, Tone 21:06.03

Round-up: Thanks to all attending agents for a good night of carefree fun. It helps to have finally (hopefully) resolved the lag issue in the V8’s to improve the racing realism.
No problems encountered. Session ends 01:15.

Untill next week gentlemen …


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