Turnout: 7 ops – Darklord, Woodie, Canon, RawT, BenCraw, Fred, TOne.
Appologies: Parts, Ace, Captain.
No show: Commander.

V8 Challenge, 20:00 – 4 laps, Collision off, Damage on, Setup on.
After some extremely tight racing, the Edge V8 Supercars Challenge Trophy was, for the first time, deservedly snatched from the home team by BenC with an impressive performance which had everyone driving to – or more likely – past their limits. Some of the hardest racing ever seen at the Edge!! For variety, rounds of truck racing and GT lites followed with more very even competition.
Bathurst – Tone Benc Fred
Adelaide – Tone BenC Fred
Eastern Creek – BenC Tone Fred
Surfers Paradise – BenC fred tone
Hidden Valley – BenC Fred Tone
LeaderBoard Points: Ben 948, toon 930, Fred 894, RawT 342, Wood, Canon

Truck racing – 2 laps
A1 Ring Short – Fred Tone Ben wood cannon raw

GT Superlites
Brands Hatch Indy – Ben Wood RawT Tone Canon Fred
Donington Long  5 lap- fred BenC Toon Wood RawT Canon
Nurburgring – long Fred Toon RawT Canon Woodie
A1Ring short 5 laps -Ben Fred Toon Raw Wood Canon

Soldier of Fortune, 22:00
Some excellent teamwork by the Darkside held the dishevelled Edge Elite at bay in close quarter virtual combat on various maps, mostly involving bag capture for added complexity. In frustration, Fred claimed his weapon had been loaded with blanks!
Poolside House party – team deathmatch
Rooftop – infiltration
Shop – infiltration
Market Place hk2 – infiltration

Colin Mcrae, 00:30
White knuckle action ensured some very competitive racing as is reflected in the results. Practice is mandatory for next week – Darklord MUST be defeated!! 
Spain Rally Stage Results:
1 dark wood raw fred tone
2 dark wood tone fred raw
3 dark tone fred wood raw
4 dark fred tone raw wood
5 fred raw tone wood dark
6 tone dark fred wood raw
7 dark fred reaw tone wood
8 dark tone fred raw wood

Overall Time: dark 20:39.79 fred 21:04.94 tone 21:24.59 raw 21:52.75 wood 22:00.48

ROUNDUP: Definetely the best evening we’ve had of smooth flowing, high paced gaming action, with minimal drama or disagreement. Everyone took breaks together without fuss allowing for plenty of in game action. Thank you all with FULL MARKS from Director Tone!! Some occasional excess noise infringements were mentioned by the Chief during following day debriefings. It was also requested by Swmbo that smoking be taken outside.

No major technical issues other than the usual Network lag, which was still experienced in V8/Toca, despite ensuring all non essential net services were cancelled, mirrors off, car detail lowered, max players reduced to 6 and no internet connection or services as suggested by Commander. Surely this issue can now be accepted as a given and let rest!! Also on this note, lag was uncommonly experienced in Soldier of Fortune, believed to be caused by having Punkbuster on with no internet connection. 

end 02:00 hrs
Untill next week!!


2 responses to “050610 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Firstly apologies for being tied up, and not making it…Good to see damage on and car set up’s being used, this takes us into a more real game immersion…I can see this reflected in results mentioned in the blog!Lag, well I can’t say I agree about the acceptance of lag stopping full collisions being used!Like I have said earlier – there is something – a weak link in the fabric of the network, and I bet it’s someones machine, now u have ruled out services (hopefully).The next test to do is ping all equipment using this ping command…>ping mal -twatch this on each machine to see when problems arise…Same subject, different area – I have just been playing online, and I am not getting lag – so what gives?


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