20/4/05 Sign up Telstra Bigpond BroadBand
1800 830 008 and quote
campaign code 6115
Was told I had to go with Telstra, otherwise I would have to pay to have my "pair-gain" lines upgraded.

May 27 – contacted Order Department 1800 306 919 – Told there is a hold up transfering phone account from Optus.
15/6/05 Went into Testra – Optus transfer still pending.
Was told I can go thu anyone, and it shouldn’t take any longer than with Testra, or cost any more.

sign up with iinet (SHOULD TAKE 10-15 WORKING DAYS).

16/6/05 Cancelled Testra BBand account &self install kit cancelled.

Faxed Netspace cancellation for end of billing cycle 1300 303 094
(can now use iinet dial-up account)
Email received from Testra:
Your BigPond® Broadband application has been processed and we’ve confirmed that you can get the service at your address."

21/6/05 Testra self install kit delivered (was sent 17/6) & returned immediately to Telstra Collins St. I asked for a receipt, but none could be issued!
(Given to helpful lady in corner who helped me on 15/6)

29/07/05 5.20pm
iinet account status: provisioning still …

> Rang iinet, told Telstra have put "a code" on the line,
meaning no other ISP can sign me up.

> Rang Telstra 131 282 – Karly D234346 Gold Coast.
Requested code be removed, told "by lunch time tomorrow or if lucky, next few hours".
Put on HOLD.
No, now they have to contact "my phone biller" to get permission to remove code.
"May take a few days."

> Rang iinet phone section – Ian

My phone number states "Failure in relation to broadband"

iinet don’t put a request thru for phone service untill broadband is granted.
so phone should be with telstra still.
iinet not my phone provider and havn’t yet applied for phone service because of "code block".
"Unable to proceed with dsl customer has adsl with another provider".

> Rang Telstra, phone not with them – wholesale customer,
cant access details or tell me who is my phone provider.
Transferred to – HOLD – 1800 816 655 Testra Direct
more HOLD,

yeah, she says she can remove the code!!
then, no, can’t get access – HOLD.
More details – HOLD
has to fill out a request form on PC and send to "back end office" (wholesale)
as can’t get access, may take a while …
HOLD (I said it was ok, I’d been waiting for about 5 years for this and I just want it sorted!!)
Successfully applied for "code" to be removed,
Should take about 1 day. – 6.17pm

(OPTUS customers: Telephony, Internet, television 133 937, complaints 133 937)
Rang Optus– 20 min wait – gave up.

30/6/05 10:30 Rang Optus 133 937, my phone account (still with them) isn’t even in my name (or my wifes)  and I could not proceed!!!
Rang home, got account Name: HJ ….. (SHOULD BE AJ!!!) and account No.
Rang Optus again … Transferred & Given direct number: 1300 300 469 – (sales direct number bband – 133 345)
Paula: Can’t change name over phone, sending form, may take 2 weeks!

Rang Telstra again 1800 816 655: "longer than normal delays expected" 11:20 .HOLD..11:35
Damien – told me to ring Optus to get "code" removal request sent to Telstra wholesale.

Rang Optus again …11:38
Pat: took details, explained again … HOLD again …
Optus cant remove "code" because Telstra put it on ..
I politely vented my frustration
HOLD again… she’s contacting telstra for me
ASSURES me the "code" will be removed by close of business.

"Tell iinet phone to take all services – or Optus will take them back again."

Rang iinet 131917
Application has been cancelled because it took so long!!
I now have no dial-up internet access either!!
They can’t resubmit application because of the "code" on my phoneline.

Call back tomorrow to re-apply under "HJ  …."

At lunch, I went to the Optus office in Hobart – they could not help me.

All this over a blocking "code" I was never told about or requested.

1/7/05 Re-applied with iinet this morning –  told it’s gonna take another 5-10 work days to find out again!!!  Still waiting …

If you want broadband, DO NOT EVER RING TELSTRA,
or let them know your interested!!!

12.30, rang iinet again – no access to thier "toolbox" still, but ….

The "code" has been removed – finally!
Telstra have told iinet 8 July (next Friday!!)
But I’ll still have to wait for the modem to arrive the following week ……
    I’M NEARLY THERE!!!       


Present: Dark, Wood, Canon, RawT, Fred, Tone

V8 Trophy Challenge 20:30
6 laps, Set ups on, Collision on, Damage on, 90% + Madatory pitstop
Good to see the Darklord back amongst the fray, however, his awesome omnipresent use of the forces of Darkness and the relentless unsettling onslaught wasn’t enough to intimidate Tone into submission, who once again held off all challengers to retain the coverted trophy after some very close racing.
The round was not without it’s problems though, with the old lag gremlin taking it’s toll again, a few unsheduled breaks, and the unexplained system outage of the Deathstar – could it be sabotage? 
Adelaide: Fred 192, Dark, Tone 1:15:56, Canon, Wood
Phillip Island: Fred, Toon Canon, Wood, Dark (retired – system crash)
Oran Park: Toon 55;57, fred, canon, wood
Bargagallo: Toon 46.15, Fred, dark, Canon, Wood
Hidden Valley: Toon, Fred 56.55, Dark, Wood, Canon – Fred got shunted twice and has lodged a protest.
Bathurst: Tone 1:45.10, Fred, Canon, Wood, Dark
Surfers Paradise: Toon 1:32.54, Fred, RawT, Canon, Wood (Retired)
ROUND RESULTS: Tone 1146, Fred, 1122, Canon 1056 RawT 180

Colin McRae 22:00
USA (warm-up)
1 Tone 3:39.46, Raw, Wood, Canon
1 tone, wood dark raw canon
2 dark tone wood canon raw
3 Raw dark wood tone canon
4 Raw dark tone wood Canon

Call of duty 23:00
Several Team Deathmatch rounds were played in the village streets, however, the results weren’t displayed long enough to be recorded. After some furiously heated close quarter combat, especially in the building with the machine gun nest, it became apparent that team Edge was once again no match for the powers of Darkness.
Top team scorers in round 2: dlord 34 tone 24

Colin McRae
Mmm, it seems as if someone has been practicing …
wood dark raw tone fred
dark 3:21.84 raw fred wood tone
dark 2:59.59 fred raw wood tone
dark 3"39.55 wood raw fred tone
dark 2:20.03 raw wood fred tone
Results: Dark, raw, wood, fred, tone
Tone had controller problems – no full throttle*

wood raw fred tone
tone raw wood fred
raw fred tone wood 1.30 between all
fred wood raw tone
wood raw fred tone
raw wood tone fred
wood 19:45.27 raw 19:47.16 Fred 20:40.86 Tone 20:11.69

* Fred had the same problem a few weeks ago. It appears that the Momo wheel’s accellerator pedal slowly fades from giving full throttle, possibly due to a build up of dust/carpet particles. Fred has successfully dismantled his pedals and cleaned them with alcohol and a squirt of WD40. Screws can be found under the rubber floor protectors.
Tone found that by unplugging then reconnecting the controller teporarily fixed the problem,

Rundown: As the Director, Tone takes some responsibility for a fairly unsettled night. With irregular breaks, a system problem, controller issues, some lag in the V8’s and a fair bit of whinging occuring. "COME ON GUY’S, NO FIGHTING – THIS IS THE WAR ROOM". The Edge infastructure coped well despite the cold.

NEXT WEEK: If you have it, install & practice Medal of Honour – Pacific Assult.


v8 supercars2
A non-competitive test race was held first up after some setting changes to see if the continuing lag problem could be resolved. This included turning off screensavers (Freds suggestion), AntiVirus off (may be slowing incomming game traffic over the LAN), turning off all non-essential programs (MSN Messenger, WinZip etc.) and network components (ONLY TCP/IP, Client for MS and File & Printer sharing -Turn QoS off). The modem was left on. The combination of these changes allmost completely eliminated lag, enabling full collision on with few problems. We were joined with a rare special guest appearace, after a 2 year absence in the V8’s, by Darklord, using Canon’s wheel. Very close and fairly clean racing ensued, with Tone regaining the coveted Trophy after being pushed hard.

Perpetual Trophy Challenge 20:00
4 laps, 90%, Setups, Collision on, Damage on, Mandatory pitstop

Adelaide: Tone 1:17.09, Wood, Fred, Canon, Parts
Bathurst: Tone 1:46.84, Fred, Darklord, Wood, Parts
Oran Park: Tone, Fred, Wood, Parts, Darklord (Failed to Pit)
Surfers Paradise: Tone, Fred, Darklord, Wood, Parts
Sandown: Dark 1:58.38, Fred, Tone, Wood, Parts
Barbagallo: Fred, Tone, Dark, Wood, Parts
ROUND: Tone 1128, Fred 1110, Wood 1056, Parts 1005, Canon 744

Pariah 22:00
First look – some unusual maps and a nice varied selection of weapons.
Well done to the Darkside, and thanks for telling us before the second round about weapon upgrades, not that it helped. Edge Elite really need to re-group and stick with the team plan in order to overcome these ferrocious demons of death.
It almost embarasses me to publish these scores.
Darkside 33, Edge Elite 5
Darkside 68, Edge Elite 16

Colin McRae 24:00
It’s a good thing this game uses ghost cars. Unbelievably close racing, with a kaleidoscope of flashing colours fighting to stay in front. There is no way we’d all fit on the tracks together, almost always utilising the same piece of road. The results came down to consistency, Darklord holding it together while others threw the game away in shear desperation.
Next week’s handycap – this weeks winner must now wear the perpetual Colin McRae full face helmet!
Warm up. Dark 3:03.11, Tone, Fred, Wood
1. Dark 3:06, Tone, Fred, Wood, Canon
2. Dark, Fred, Tone, Wood, Canon
3. Dark 3:33.23, Fred, Tone, Wood, Canon
4. Dark, Fred, Wood, Tone, Canon
5. Tone*, Dark, Fred, Canon, Wood
ROUND: Dark, Fred, Tone, Wood, Canon
(*Ran into creek, respawned in front, was 3rd)

1. Fred, Wood, Tone
2. Wood, Fred, Tone
3. Fred 3:07.94, Wood 3:07.96, Tone
4. Tone 3:09.50, Fred 3:10.72, Wood
5. Wood, Fred, Tone
6. Fred, Wood, Tone
ROUND: Fred 26:02.90, Wood 20:03.83, Tone 21:06.03

Round-up: Thanks to all attending agents for a good night of carefree fun. It helps to have finally (hopefully) resolved the lag issue in the V8’s to improve the racing realism.
No problems encountered. Session ends 01:15.

Untill next week gentlemen …

MP Gaming Survey

An informal survey was conducted last week, but only completed by a few.
To have your say, add a comment to this blog – list up to 4 of your favourite multiplayer games you would like to play on Fri Nights, and the set-up, game type or map you prefer for each one. It doesn’t have to be a game we’re currently playing – suggest new ones (or old) if you want.

We can’t please everyone all the time, but we can compromise and hopefully keep most people happy most of the time.


Turnout: 7 ops – Darklord, Woodie, Canon, RawT, BenCraw, Fred, TOne.
Appologies: Parts, Ace, Captain.
No show: Commander.

V8 Challenge, 20:00 – 4 laps, Collision off, Damage on, Setup on.
After some extremely tight racing, the Edge V8 Supercars Challenge Trophy was, for the first time, deservedly snatched from the home team by BenC with an impressive performance which had everyone driving to – or more likely – past their limits. Some of the hardest racing ever seen at the Edge!! For variety, rounds of truck racing and GT lites followed with more very even competition.
Bathurst – Tone Benc Fred
Adelaide – Tone BenC Fred
Eastern Creek – BenC Tone Fred
Surfers Paradise – BenC fred tone
Hidden Valley – BenC Fred Tone
LeaderBoard Points: Ben 948, toon 930, Fred 894, RawT 342, Wood, Canon

Truck racing – 2 laps
A1 Ring Short – Fred Tone Ben wood cannon raw

GT Superlites
Brands Hatch Indy – Ben Wood RawT Tone Canon Fred
Donington Long  5 lap- fred BenC Toon Wood RawT Canon
Nurburgring – long Fred Toon RawT Canon Woodie
A1Ring short 5 laps -Ben Fred Toon Raw Wood Canon

Soldier of Fortune, 22:00
Some excellent teamwork by the Darkside held the dishevelled Edge Elite at bay in close quarter virtual combat on various maps, mostly involving bag capture for added complexity. In frustration, Fred claimed his weapon had been loaded with blanks!
Poolside House party – team deathmatch
Rooftop – infiltration
Shop – infiltration
Market Place hk2 – infiltration

Colin Mcrae, 00:30
White knuckle action ensured some very competitive racing as is reflected in the results. Practice is mandatory for next week – Darklord MUST be defeated!! 
Spain Rally Stage Results:
1 dark wood raw fred tone
2 dark wood tone fred raw
3 dark tone fred wood raw
4 dark fred tone raw wood
5 fred raw tone wood dark
6 tone dark fred wood raw
7 dark fred reaw tone wood
8 dark tone fred raw wood

Overall Time: dark 20:39.79 fred 21:04.94 tone 21:24.59 raw 21:52.75 wood 22:00.48

ROUNDUP: Definetely the best evening we’ve had of smooth flowing, high paced gaming action, with minimal drama or disagreement. Everyone took breaks together without fuss allowing for plenty of in game action. Thank you all with FULL MARKS from Director Tone!! Some occasional excess noise infringements were mentioned by the Chief during following day debriefings. It was also requested by Swmbo that smoking be taken outside.

No major technical issues other than the usual Network lag, which was still experienced in V8/Toca, despite ensuring all non essential net services were cancelled, mirrors off, car detail lowered, max players reduced to 6 and no internet connection or services as suggested by Commander. Surely this issue can now be accepted as a given and let rest!! Also on this note, lag was uncommonly experienced in Soldier of Fortune, believed to be caused by having Punkbuster on with no internet connection. 

end 02:00 hrs
Untill next week!!


Present: Darklord, Woodie, Canon, Commander, Captain, Fred, TOne.
Apologies: Parts. (TOne, for leaving this update too long!)

Missions: V8 Supercars2: Random selection of races and setups chosen by various agents in attendance, some unneccesary, dissapointing and noisy squabbling over setups. Some nice close racing on occasion in the lower ranks, trophy retained by Fred.
Soldier of Fortune: Canon joined the "Darkside" to even the teams up.
Colin McRae4: Good to see the Darklord participating on the track again in a tightly packed and very even field. I don’t recall who won, other than it wasn’t me, so please add comments. – on the cards for next week, so practice SPAIN 4wd.

Roundup: A rather rowdy evening with some effort needed to settle the troops for missions.

Session Ended: 01:30.

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