050527 Mission Debriefing

Present: Darklord, Woodie, RawT, Fred, TOne.
Apologies: Parts, Canon, Commander.

Missions: V8 Supercars2: 3 lap, 8 race limited series, Damage on, collision off
Some close, clean and fair racing between all 4 participants, trophy retained by Fred.
Practice reccommended for all tracks in V8 series.
Colin McRae4: Revisited this old favourite, no problems encountered as previoulsy.
Very close competition – on the cards for next week, so practice Greece 4wd.
Soldier of Fortune: Hammered for a couple of hours to conclude the evening. Tried another new map utilising teams. Thanks to RawT’s high scoring antics, Tone topped Darklords score in the last round Deathmatch after a fair pummelling earlier on.

Roundup: A nice relaxing evening, no problems encountered,
other than a chill factor of -4 deg C. Thermals reccommended for inclement weather.

Session Ended: 02:00 – extended to reward those who braved the cold.


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