An impressive 9 operatives presented themselves to take on the head to head challenge in a virtual sense at the EDGE Command Centre on Friday evening.

RACING: Fred pulled out all stops for the second consecutive week, holding Tone at bay, or rather, pushing Tone out of the way in order to claim the "Edge V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy", in what could only be described as over eager brutal racing. The action became so heated between this two fierce rivals, that eventually all other participating racers dropped out of the Championship to witness said carnage. The Marshalls are investigating the claim that in order to lighten his vehicle, Fred removed his brakes and decided to use other racers cars to slow himself down for the corners. Tone has thrown down the gauntlet in preperation for next weeks exciting round.

FRAGGING: A long-time old favouite, Soldier of Fortune II was revisited, after Agent Wood discovered the "Gold" edition on sale for the bargain price of $10 (Electronic Boutique).
A fantastic FPS which runs well on older hardware, the "Gold" edition introduces some new maps and weapons. One map had us running around boxes in a smallish warehouse, with some frantically paced action, totally different gameplay to some of the larger maps. Darklord throwing grenades and jumping around like an idiot made a difficult target, especially with sidekick Wood lurking in the shadows. The Edge Elite Frag Force once again succumbed to the overwhelming power of the Darkside in what can only be described as a slaughterfest, however, despite the onslaught, Tone managed at one stage to take down the "Daily Double" – that is Wood and Darklord, BANG BANG!! He went to bed happy.

Until next we meet … good fortune.


10 responses to “050520 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. Fred and Tone win rubber car championship u mean!ICC won the 15 lap race with damage on, and collisions!Racing with no damage or collisions is for kids…I noted that when damage is on u guys are not competitive, and drive ur digital cars into anything u can bounce off…LETS GET REAL…


  2. One good deliberate shunt from you (Mick) in the first lap rendered my vehicle a non-competitive pile of virtual metal, closely followed by another squeeze into the wall from Fred. Usually damage is on, and collision is off – until you learn to drive properly, not run into others and give them room, it’s best that way.The other problem is network lag which happens at your place and mine, indicating it’s not a hardware problem. This causes much frustration and anger between players over who hit who, and because there is no replay, it remains unresolved. This is the main reason that collision is turned off – as agreed by the majority of players.IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!!


  3. It is fun, but I don’t argee with damage off, and never will – the game is to good to be turning off damage!Imagine playing FS with damage off!argument wonAnd I don’t think I saw lag once on Friday, and captain was watching my screen – so what gives?cmon, u know beter…


  4. I agree with Damage on, no argument there, we usually run with it on, but collision off. I didn’t set the series up. Last Week we turned damage off to help some of the newer drivers, who would trash thier car before the first lap was over and then give up. It gave them a chance to get used to it. More fun for EVERYONE – I want them to keep comming back. You can’t please everyone all of the time.I did notice some minor lag, but only when I was hard on the ars of someone. I think I nudged Fred (or you) a few times because of it, especially up over the mountain.I do recall one slight lock-up too which recovered as it does. When I’m in front of the pack, it hardly ever stutters.Personally, I don’t know which is worse, someone bumping you into the wall accidentally, or someone driving thru you on a corner so you can’t see. Either way, the cause is the same – two cars using the same bit of track. That happens rarely in reality!!


  5. Food for thaught – playing on broadband RD2 V8SP for 2 hours I encountered no lag ever…with 10 cars ect…


  6. It used to happed on RD1 too. I can’t explain it, we’ve tried with car detail turned down, two different Gig LANs, and it happens on several PC’s, and not just the lower end ones. The update we applied said it addressed the problem. Maybe the game is limited by the slowest computer? Maybe it’s graphics card setup? Or is there a network setting in the pre-game setup like the old one we’ve missed? It was only slightly worse over my slowband modem when I tried it – still playable. The easiest way to fix it is to not play the game, but hey, I paid good money for it, and I damn well enjoy it, apart from this contiuing problem which seems to be causing so much grief and gets raised almost every week. If anyone has a solution, please share it.


  7. Quotes around the net:"Lag seemed rather minimal in-game – especially on a broadband connection""some lag was definitely apparent on most any connection type we tried, because opposing cars would jump and skip around and do some funny things during races. However, this lag never affected our ability to race""I got hit from behind by Mushy (lag issue)""…having to pit early due to a huge lag moment that gave him oranges""We had to re-start race 2 by the back straight due to the fact that there was a massive lag moment ""as there must have been a lag moment because I went from 3rd to last""“arrrrrrrr far out” he had a lag incident "I’m gonna stop looking now, but it seems we’re not the only group with the problem!!!


  8. Network LAG in RD2 V8sc is easily eliminated by TURNING OFF ALL NON REQUIRED SERVICES on the network – simple…eg; MSN messenger, someone else playing an onine game and things like that!Certain ethernet traffic kills network games…Think outside the squareCommander


  9. Commander,squares are for squares. Start thinking outside the Dodecahedron – 3 times the options!!Ye, I recall you restricting net services at ICC for this reason, but unsure if it successfully elimitated ALL lag.I have no such policy at EDGE, but worth a try. Shall investigate further – turn modem off!!Thankyou.


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