FOR SALE – Bargans/Specials Headsup

Found a hot bargain?  Something to sell?  Post it in this thread!

If possible, please include item description/web link, price, suppliers contact details and sale end date.
PC/gaming related items and shindigu preferred.


2 responses to “FOR SALE – Bargans/Specials Headsup

  1. Electronic Boutique has a selection of games for around $10 on a table, with a "buy 2, get one FREE" offer. Reccommended multiplayer games among the titles are: Soldier of Fortune II – Gold Edition, Rogue Spear – Platinum pack edition and (yet untested) Shadow Force – Razor unit.Any PC above PIII 500 with a reasonable graphics card should run these games nicely! Who said gaming had to be expensive.Thanks Wood.


  2. STAR WARS FANS!!Big W (Eastlands) has the DVD Trilogy Box set of the original 3 movies for $64.42, andStarwars I & II (new series) for $14.83 each!!!!Starts Thrus 26/5 – Ends Wed 1/6Layby availableRainchecks presumably – doesn’t say no.


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