050527 Mission Debriefing

Present: Darklord, Woodie, RawT, Fred, TOne.
Apologies: Parts, Canon, Commander.

Missions: V8 Supercars2: 3 lap, 8 race limited series, Damage on, collision off
Some close, clean and fair racing between all 4 participants, trophy retained by Fred.
Practice reccommended for all tracks in V8 series.
Colin McRae4: Revisited this old favourite, no problems encountered as previoulsy.
Very close competition – on the cards for next week, so practice Greece 4wd.
Soldier of Fortune: Hammered for a couple of hours to conclude the evening. Tried another new map utilising teams. Thanks to RawT’s high scoring antics, Tone topped Darklords score in the last round Deathmatch after a fair pummelling earlier on.

Roundup: A nice relaxing evening, no problems encountered,
other than a chill factor of -4 deg C. Thermals reccommended for inclement weather.

Session Ended: 02:00 – extended to reward those who braved the cold.


An impressive 9 operatives presented themselves to take on the head to head challenge in a virtual sense at the EDGE Command Centre on Friday evening.

RACING: Fred pulled out all stops for the second consecutive week, holding Tone at bay, or rather, pushing Tone out of the way in order to claim the "Edge V8 Supercars Perpetual Trophy", in what could only be described as over eager brutal racing. The action became so heated between this two fierce rivals, that eventually all other participating racers dropped out of the Championship to witness said carnage. The Marshalls are investigating the claim that in order to lighten his vehicle, Fred removed his brakes and decided to use other racers cars to slow himself down for the corners. Tone has thrown down the gauntlet in preperation for next weeks exciting round.

FRAGGING: A long-time old favouite, Soldier of Fortune II was revisited, after Agent Wood discovered the "Gold" edition on sale for the bargain price of $10 (Electronic Boutique).
A fantastic FPS which runs well on older hardware, the "Gold" edition introduces some new maps and weapons. One map had us running around boxes in a smallish warehouse, with some frantically paced action, totally different gameplay to some of the larger maps. Darklord throwing grenades and jumping around like an idiot made a difficult target, especially with sidekick Wood lurking in the shadows. The Edge Elite Frag Force once again succumbed to the overwhelming power of the Darkside in what can only be described as a slaughterfest, however, despite the onslaught, Tone managed at one stage to take down the "Daily Double" – that is Wood and Darklord, BANG BANG!! He went to bed happy.

Until next we meet … good fortune.

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050513 EDGE Mission Debriefing

Friday Night’s Frag Fest drew 7 agents out of hiding to gather at the Edge.

RACING: After a lengthy 5 lap V8 custom series, lack of consistency and stamina (and maybe too many consumables) sealed the youngsters fates. They could only look on in admiration, or perhaps envy, as Fred convincingly reclaimed the "Edge V8 Supercars Challenge Perpetual Tropy" from Tone.

FRAGGING: After a quick deathmatch, Call of Duty soon became a blur of team carnage. Darklord, Woody and RawT keept the Edge Elite on thier toes, and falling down, but not without a damn fine display of bravado, teamwork and occasional plain stupidity from Canon, Private Parts, Fred and Tone. 

Minor known technical issue: power disruption on heater system only, due to low temperature.

Both Edge guest PC’s have been booked for the comming week!