15/8 … So …

Is there anybody out there?
Is anybody really keen or just ho hum?
Has a certain headlight been fixed yet?
Will there be a huge throng of keen gamers flocking to the Edge,
Or should I just call it now – Cancelled.

It’s been a long week, I’m ready to nod off now.

War Thunder – FREE TO PLAY!

I’ve never seen anything like this – must watch FULL SCREEN – and prepare to catch your jaw as it falls to the floor …


Arcade has a simplified flight model and unlimited ammo, and takes place in fantasy zones with exaggerated canyons and mountains with holes to fly through. Realistic has the full sim flight model, but doesn’t require full manual controls (fuel mix, radiator and manifold settings, trim etc), and is set in loosely historical scenarios with semi-accurate maps. While Full Sim forces cockpit view, manual flight controls and removes the player tags that make identifying enemies easy in the other modes. Read more: http://www.pcauthority.com.au/Review/388973,review-war-thunder.aspx?eid=2&edate=20140704&utm_source=20140704&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=weekly_newsletter&nl=weekly#ixzz36eoteoFn

GRID Autosport preview

I haven’t even unwrapped it yet and I’m already giving it a pre-emptive 10!
See if you can tell why below …

Grid Autosport - Limited Black Edition

Grid Autosport – Limited Black Edition

Could it be the surprise inclusion of a certain iconic Australian motor racing track? Awesome!!
It’a a crap day outside today … what to do??

THIS WEEK? 16/05

Agents are welcome to report for duty THIS FRIDAY 16/05/14.
It seems to have been some time since we had a decent turn out.

INPUT WANTED from agents:
Does another night suit you guys other than Friday?
Saturday perhaps? Open for discussion …

No mission tonight (Anzac evening) but …

Instead of playing with yourself at home, check this out …


GRID via Google+

2 days ago

GRID is back and it’s going back to its roots!GRID: Autosport aims to move the series back in line as a more authentic racing game. Set to include a more authentic handling model (more Sim than Race Driver: GRID), five distinct disciplines; Touring, Endurance, Open Wheel, Tuner and Street. Race at 22 locations (primarily circuit based) with a combined route list that totals over 100.

This game is, at its heart, inspired by you guys, our core community.